Cloudshift control is it possible???

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I would like some help with a deck I am thinking at playing at my next FNM, the deck is a based around abusing cloudshift. I want to try and keep it as budget focused as possible as it is only for a FNM, the idea is to abuse enters the battlefield effects like Mist Raven to gain us enough card advantage to win the game. This is my first attempt at this deck and any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

The List

4 Nephalia Smuggler
4 Mist Raven
4 Gryff Vanguard
4 Cathedral Sanctifier
2 Deadeye Navigator

4 Dissipate
4 Cloudshift
4 Think Twice
4 Righteous Blow
2 Ghostly Flicker

4 Evolving Wilds
11 Island
9 Plains

Deck notes: I am testing this version first, although I do have my own reservations of Nephalia Smuggler I may land up taking it out for Thought Scour but can't consider it until I have tested Nephalia Smuggler first.
Mist Raven doesn't really give card advantage.  Using it with Cloudshift actually costs you a card, while your opponent retains theirs.

You do gain tempo though, when using Mist Raven.
It seems to me like your bounce effects aren't powerful enough. Sure, you'll get extra cards from Gryff Vanguard, but what will those cards ultimately do for you? You can bounce the Cathedral Sanctifier for 3 life, but if your opponent is build a big board advantage in the meantime with Wolfir Silverheart and the likes then you aren't going to be able to stay in the game. Really, other than the Dissipates, you have no answer for big creatures, which you'll likely see. Add to that the fact that Dissipate isn't going to work against Cavern of Souls and your deck can be in a lot of trouble. The Mist Raven is nice to delay them, but I don't know that you have enough to kill an opponent before they overrun you or you run out of delays. I could be mistaken though.
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