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Ive been trying to wrap my head around a Quick Battlemind for our next campaign and the Mindspike mechanic just doesnt seem to work with this build. If i'm uderstanding correctly a Quick BM is incredibly mobile and not necessarily going to be adjacent to a marked target at all times during a round. For mindspike to work you must be adjacent to the attacking enemy. Is there something about this build that i'm missing or misunderstanding to make full use of this mechanic. Any imput would be outstandingly helpful.
You could Hybrid Battlemind with Barbarian and just take the Blurred Step power instead of Mind Spike from the Hybrid options.  You will be more like a striker than a defender but you can take Lightning Rush (II; when an ally is targetted you move your speed and can smack the bad guy) which will let you maintain the "defender" role while being mobile.  Just remember that this movement will provoke OAs if you are adjecent to someone when it triggers.

The Barbarian powers are STR-based, so you'll be kind of weak on REF and WILL defenses.  You're Battlemind rider abilities will be kind of weak, so try to not pick powers with riders.  The Barbarian rides will be too, but I think there are some powers with CON-based riders, so you might be able to just focus on those.

If you are set on playing a full Battlemind, think of Mind Spike as icing on the cake.  When you happen to be adjacent to someone you have marked, if they ignore you, they take damage.  Otherwise, just focus on moves like Concussive Defense and Lightning Rush.   
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