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Having recently purchased this game, I'm trying to figure out who/what the "Snort" ally card refers to. It's a wild boar that functions like Guenhwyvar, but I have neither a token or a plastic mini to represent it. Is my set incomplete?
Snort is an ally card similar to Guen.  It goes with Athrogate, who had a fiery boar that he was able to summon from a figurine at one point in the novels.  You should have a large circular token with a picture of a boar that says Snort on it.  I believe it's red.

I'm not sure of two things:

1. Why they didn't make a mini of Snort, especially when they have a mold for a boar mount from a previous minis set.

2. Why they didn't include a similar card for Jarlaxle and/or Artemis's Nightmares that they ride.  (Maybe because they aren't "real" heroes in the set.) 
Thanks for the info, dadocollin! I may be missing the token, then, but I'll double-check...

EDIT - I found it... it was hiding among my Healing Surge tokens, as it is exactly the same size, for some strange reason.  
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