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I am going to do my first campaign for my DnD group (our usual DM wants to play as an PC for once). I thought on what scenario I like and remembered Eye of the Beholder 2: The Legend of Darkmoon, which was a very great D&D game in the 90s. It is about a Tempel of Lathander turned into evil by an old Dragon, with lots of levels and different themes of monsters. Also: puzzles .
Now my plan is to convert the story of this game into a campaign. I am using Masterplan to plan the campaign and keep track of my monsters and players.

Campaign settings:
Starting level: 4
Party Size: 6
Magic items: rare (Inherent Bonuses on)
Edition: 4E

My Level planning at the moment is:

  1. Woods (Entrance): includes a graveyard, a small kobold lair (secret entrance to tempel), an encounter with wild animals and an old woman

  2. Tempel Entry Level: Monsers: Priests, Paladins, Guards, all Humans and evil (but camouflaged as priests of Lathander). Encounters: A terrified adventurerer which misses her sister, both of them rested in the tempel and she woke up alone.

  3. First Cellar Level: Monsters: Guards, Jailors. On this level are holding Cells and Storage Areas

  4. Second Cellar Level: Monsters: Guards, Guardcaptain, Traps

  5. Third Cellar Level: Priests, Skeleton Warriors, Traps

What I need at the moment:

  • more priest like monsters, I found in these in the monsters compendium: Dwarf Sun Priest (will be reflavoured to Human) and Orcus Under Priest

  • A tool to create maps for the levels and the surrounding woods

Any input or help with the missing tools/monsters would be greatly appreciated!

Edit: This is an 4E adventure

Why not use Masterplan to create the tactical maps?
Why not use Masterplan to create the tactical maps?

Mh, I am not that familiar yet with masterplan, but I think I need map tiles and stuff to use that feature . But I'll try.

I am still on the search for priesty monsters, though.
You can get tiles from the dungeon_tiles Yahoo group I think.
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