Wurmcoil Engine vs. Olivia Voldaren

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Wurmcoil Engine and Olivia Voldaren

Let's say I take control of wurmcoil engine with olivia. I've played games in the past where Olivia's controller said that even if Olivia dies, they get to keep the creature they took control of, is this true? Because Olivia's take control ability's wording seems that if Olivia leaves play, control of the creature would return to original owner. Like the wording makes me think that IF there were 3 players, player A (olivia's owner) takes control of player B's wurmcoil. Player C takes control of Olivia, then would player C take control of wurmcoil too, which is possessed by Olivia?

Also let's say wurmcoil dies while under olivia's control. Do those tokens enter play under my control or the original owner's control? Thanks for the help on this! 
When Olivia is no longer on the battelifeld, she is no longer under any player's control. So her effect will end.

That said, if Wurmcoil engine dies the controller of it when it died would get the tokens. So even if Olivia and the Wurmcoil die at the same time, they'd get the tokens.
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As soon as you lose control of Olivia, the Wurmcoil Engine will return to its previous controller. How you lose control of Olivia is not relevant, be it that she dies, someone steals her from you, or anything else.

When the Engine dies under your control, you will get the tokens and keep them no matter what happens to Olivia. They enter the battlefield under your control, and they are not under any control change effect.

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Right, so there's a reason Olivia's 2nd ability is worded that way. Thank you guys for the clarification.
That does bring up another question.

Player A uses Olivia's 2nd ability to gain control of Player B's Wurmcoil Engine.  Player C uses Act of Treason to take Olivia Voldaren.  Who now has control of the Wurmcoil, and does that effect end at end of turn?
Wurmcoil would revert to it's owners control, as Olivia is no longer in the control of the player who activated the ability
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Who now has control of the Wurmcoil?

Player B
and does that effect end at end of turn?

which effect?
Act of Treason's control effect? yes, Olivia will return to Player A
Olivia's control effect on the Wurmcoil Engine? no, that effect ended permanently the moment Player C took Olivia.

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