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I play at a store that is having a league tournament, the tournament consists of AVACYN RESTORED ONLY, nothing from Innistrad (INN) or Dark Ascension (DKA) are allowed. I wanted to post my deck up and wanted to know what changes I should make to the deck to make it better, I love the deck and the concept.. it's just G/W aggro, and G/W in any limited format is my strong suit. I won the first League, but that's because there was 4 people only, 1 is a novice player (Mono-Black), 1 is a more experienced player who makes bad decks/plays (Mono White), and  a more experienced player all around (Mono Red).

I will list my deck, it does not have a sideboard, but I will list cards for my sideboard, and then cards I own now after trading, and wanting to play them in my deck, but can't make choices on my own to add them.

Main Deck (60):

2 - Ulvenwald Tracker
4 - Nearheath Pilgrim
4 - Borderland Ranger
4 - Somberwald Sage
4 - Silverblade Paladin
4 - Wolfir Avenger
4 - Druid's Familiar
4 - Wolfir Silverheart
3 - Craterhoof Behemoth
3 - Divine Deflection
9 - Plains
15 - Forest

Ulvenwald Tracker - I like this guy, I only have 2 because that's as many as I could fit right now, I love fighting creatures.. or it could just be the fact he's one of my only removal.

Nearheath Pilgrin - Early game Soulbonder for lifelink... NEXT!

Borderland Ranger - He's rather easy to include into this deck, I run TONS of double color costing cards, so thinning my deck out PLUS only costing one type of mana is perfect for me.

Somberwald Sage- ...

Silverblade Paladin - ......

Wolfir Avenger - ......... Naw, not again with the dots. When I play this guy, usually he dies right away, I love to flash him in to prevent 3 or more damage. If I have soulbonding creatures to pump him or something else, it's better.

Druid's Familiar - BAR!

Wolfir Silverheart - BIGGER BAR!

Craterhoof Behemoth - The absolute biggest and BEST bomb in this deck, I have won every match I casted him in. I had double somberwald sage and casted him immediately! He LOVED stomping faces, SPECIALLY soulbonded with a Silverblade Paladin! Made my opponent cry in laughter as he was at 32 life, and Craterhoof Behemoth smashed him with my army. Needless to say, the number will not budge, unless it goes to 4.

Divine Deflection - It's my only combat trick, or life saving spell, minus the Avenger. I don't like it too much here, this was a later addition, and am not liking the look of it.

Sideboard (??):
2 - Ulvenwald Tracker
4 - Natural End
4 - Sheltering Ward

Uvenwald Tracker - It's for creature match ups, mostly fliers, I don't have much ways to interact with them, so I need to clench my hands, and raise my fists.

Natural End - Naturalize.. gains me life, eh.. it's a naturalize, I need one in case I go against any deck that plays a good enchantment or artifact (Almost typed Pokemon... don't know how I got that.).

Sheltering Ward - It's for the all the match ups I had against the three decks, White had Divine Deflection, Black had Human Frailty, and Red had... everything plus Zealous Conscripts.

Maybe Board:
2 - Sigarda, Host of Herons
She's quite a monster, I wanted to play her since day 1 in this deck, but I didn't own her, now I have 2, and I'm ready to put her in... but for what? There's no doubt I'm playing her.

2 - Moonsilver Spear
Mostly because I own 2 of the promos.. but it's a very powerful card, specially with all the soulbond creatures I have (12).

4 - Restoration Angel
I have a ton of Soulbond creatures, plus Craterhoof Behemoth, in case the first assault was stopped, also have Rangers for some other value, I'm not sure what I would take out for her, but she's definitely a plus.

3 - Angel of Jubilation
I have no explenation for this card, but when I look at it, I like it and feel it fits... extremely mana intensive with the 3 white, but I will see to it that my mana base changes if she is included.

2 - Avacyn, Angel of Hope
Other than having huge muscles, attached to awesome passive abilities, along with mana:p/t ratio, AND boobs!... I have nothing else to compare her to, she's another 8 drop, I know, but she's a kick butt one!

Things I had cut:
2 - Archangel
I understand why the person who told me to cut it, told me to do so, so I won't say much else, I don't know if I'll like to add it, I could just add one more white, and play Avacyn to the cost of Archangel.

4 - Blessing of Nature
This was immediately cut to 2 when I got cards for the deck, but after that, I just cut the rest, I didn't like what it did, could be wrong though.

2 - Soul of the Harvest
I don't like him only because I would play all my creatures, before him.. so I couldn't reap his benefits, cut him after getting a third Craterhoof Behemoth, and a Divine Deflection.

That's all I have for the maybe, I want to also throw in Avacyn, but I can't really see myself playing her right now, I'd need to be proven wrong. I was thinking of Gisela, but right now I don't own any of them, and will think about trading for them. Craterhoof Behemoth is a beast in this deck, I love his ability, and will play him in every deck that I can, I might even turn back to Frites just to feel the rush of his bonus again.

<3 Craterhoof Behemoth

Hope you guys enjoyed reading, and REALLY hope you guys give me some tips!

~Dragonstone Wolfe
I know you really like craterhoof but somberwald sage is easily removed and avacyn's pilgrim isn't enough back up to be able to cast him. trust me. I've been working on a straight green deck running those and primal surge with nothing but permanents (strangleroot geist, champion of lambholdt, etc...) never ramps fast enough. if you really want to try something in exchange of divine deflection go to descendent's path. there is a lot of humans here. use that to get card advantage and more dude's so if you can get a behemoth on the battlefield he'll carry more weight with him. 
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