Incantations for Vol Necromancy RP?

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Playing in an Eberron game again for the first time in years and I'm finally getting to play my Dread Necromancer of the Blood of Vol.  I want to come up with some interesting verbal components for her various necromancy spells, but especially for her Summon Undead and Animate Dead spells.  You know, something fun that makes it clear all hell is about to break loose.

One of my favorites comes from the old Slayers anime:

Power beyond the twilight
and crimson blood that flows,
Buried in the stream of time
is where your power grows,
I pledge myself to conquer,
all the foes who stand
against the mighty gift bestowed,
in my unworthy hand...

Got a few fragments kicking around in my head (like "blood calls to blood"), but haven't really pieced anything together yet.  Anyone perhaps already have some good Eberron centric spell incantations that I might be able to steal... I mean draw inspiration from?  Few things to help get the ball rolling maybe?

How about...
Hear me you who died at another's hand
I stand at the gate to the eternal night
Rise once more and by my command
Rise once more and continue the fight!
For animate dead (assuming vol is animating a dragon corpse)

"In life you served the Eyes of Chronepsis, but now in death you mak your trek across the stars to serve the sovereigns....
But I draw you on another path, using the power of the endless night may you serve me until your flesh has rotted away and your bones are ashes and dust
arise !"
Just an idea
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