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Hi all,

With the release of the AVR set, I was mind blown by these 2 cards Angel of jubilation and Descendants' Path. I'll be posting a rough choice of cards, please toss in any comments and suggestions on your own take of the cards that I picked. With that said, I would like this deck to be somewhat a rampish? if that's the right wording for it? or is it tempo? sorry, but I'm not good with these things. So without further ado:

Angel of Jubilation
Descendants' Path
Cathedral Sanctifier
Herald of war
Timberland Guide
Emancipation Angel
Abundant Growth

Any and All suggestions are open. Thanks in advance
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Might consider Druids' Repository it will allow you to get them big angels out more quickly.

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What you have there is kinda a random collection of different kinds of cards, a few of which have some synergy but not really. You have a ramp spell in abundant growth but no others. Angel of Jubilation doesnt fit in the rest, which seems to be an attempt at an infinite life deck. I would aim it more at a control deck, mix either white with blue for some early walls and a few counters, then pump your flyers.
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