Humans WW/r

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I would make a w/u human deck but i do not have any seachrome coasts and i doubt i'll get some any time soon.

The first reason why i want to try the W/r rout instead of the W/g one is because i really like Slayer's Stronghold and with the way human decks work i think i will be activating that more in W/r then Gavony Township in W/g

The second reason is Lightning Mauler. I realize how great this guy can be. Turn 1 Parish in to turn 2 Mauler in to turn 3 Paladin seem's great.

I know i can't be to heavy on burn spells because i only have four dual lands and Cavern of Souls won't help me out there.

I personally think my Sideboard is a bit choppy and I know the deck atm is certainly not perfect. I have not been to me lgs in 2 weeks so i'm not sure how the meta has evolved especially with AVR out.

As for the deck i'm actually unsure about a few things I put in there.

Lately I've been liking Gather the Townsfolk less and less. Yeah it's great when you have Parish out and/or honor of the pure. But I usually never want to draw it in the late game. I used to run 4 but I cut one for a fourth Mauler.

I run two Elite Inquisitors because i'm unsure if I want to cut them from the deck entierly or go up to 3 or even 4. His first strike is very revavent when staring down Strangleroot Giests and other early aggro dudes. I like him cuz i can attack with him and keep a blocker.

Not sure if the 4 Bladeholds is to much because I see that a lot of perople run 3. It is essentially the best guy in the deck so i do't know why people don't max her out.

I also don't know what is a good enough number of removal between the MB and SB. I know a lot of human deck's run little removal MB but I do know that removal is essential. Also don't know if the O-rings should be sided and the Fiend Hunter's Mainboarded or vice vera. I know Fiend Hunter is a human but is'nt it bad because it being a creature makes it more likely to be destroyed then an O-ring?

Any help/input will be greatly appretiated thank you Laughing