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  I am new to D&D (I started reading through the Player's Handbook on Tuesday) and I need some info in order to make a background for my soon to be made character.  When I create a character in any rpg, especially such interactive games as D&D, I like to make a VERY long and thorough history for my characters.  Unfortunately, I know almost nothing about the D&D world and it's history.  All the info I have on that front is from the handbooks.  So, if anyone knows of a site or something that I can look at to get some of D&D's story, I would be very appreciative.

One of the great things, but also challenging in your case, about D&D is that you can place your game in a wide variety of settings - Forgotten Realms, Eberron, Dark Sun, or whatever world your DM has cooked up in his or her head.  So, the short answer would be to talk to your DM and find out more about the setting where your particular game is going to take place.  If it's one of the published settings, then there's probably a good amount of information out there.  If it's your DM's personal creation then you'll have to get it straight from the horse's mouth.

What you could do is plan out some of your background's major plot points, and then fill in the details later. Maybe you grew up in a bustling port city; you can come back and pick exactly which city when you know more about the world.  Maybe you were influenced by a travelling knight; you can pick the exact order of knight when you know more.  Maybe you grew up always threatened by attack from a neighboring land; you can fill in exactly who or what that threat was when you know more.
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Thanks for the advice.  I'll do that then. 

>_< Gotta find a group to play with first.......... 
Head to a local gaming store that sells Magic the Gathering on a Friday night.  Usually there's a bunch of them playing magic, but I find that there's a lot of DnD fans as well.  Ask if anyone is running a group or wants to start one.

Find out the setting

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