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Congratulations. : )
is there a print option or will that come later?

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Yes, there will be...once we are confident the PDF has no issues.

A bunch of Ultramodern4 reviews...
Roleplayers Chronicle (Todd Crapper): "Ultramodern4 is a magnificent accomplishment in alternative game design and I can’t help but feel it is superior to D&D, even if it is required to play this game. It achieves what D&D could not because it was not held down to a particular reference point – previous versions of D&D – and capable of stretching its reach far beyond what many experienced players may have expected of these troubled mechanics. I only hope the GSL does not make this product a limited edition."

Solo Nexus: "Be warned! Ultramodern4  IS a “crunchy” book, although it is by no means a technical manual. Still, this is a product for those who WANT to take a very radical departure with their 4E game. Do not get this if you’re mildly curious about what a Dwarf Barbarian would be like armed with a rotary cannon. Get this if you truly want to bring modern and futuristic combat to life with the 4E system."

Points of Light: "This book feels like a good spiritual successor to 3rd Edition's D20 Modern. The lack of an implied setting or time period, coupled with the fact that you can mix and match content from either book makes it easy to do an Urban Arcana game, and I could see rolling in Gamma World to get something a lot meatier if that is your thing. Heck, why not lump it all together and have your very own 2nd Edition of Rifts, if even by name only?

RPGNow: "Overall I have to give this product a thumbs up, its quality is not only in its content but its layout as well, I personally have not had many 4e 3rd party products with the production quality that DEM puts in its products."

The Ultramodern4 errata 1.0 is online.

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