PoL Cities of Intrigue?

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I am making a sorcerer character with the noble theme, and I'm trying to figure out where he's from. The place I'm envisioning has enough nobles to where there is a lot of intrigue that he was involved in, and he ended up being politically outmanouvered to the point where self-imposed exile was his smartest choice for the time being. Fallcrest is where he is now, but where was he from?

AD&D is powergaming – powergaming for the DM. And back then, DM stood for "Dire Munchkin."


I suppose people are entitled to their uninformed opinions; I just don’t see the point when that opinion won’t be respected. Proper research can be the difference in appearing a fool vs. a respectable dissident. 



I'm pretty sure I remember reading something that sounds like what you're talking about in the FR campagin guide so if you have that you could look through til you find something you like.  I'm gonna find mine and look through it and post here again when I find it.
You can steal stuff from other settings straight or make something based on it. Like a smaller Sharn (Eberron)...
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