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This post is obsolete. Please use the address posted below for the newest release. Thanks!

  Thank you for your interest in my mod's for MTGO, giggity. By pure luck I've managed to whip up 2 skins and a sound mod. It wasn't as easy as I intentionally thought. It was a lot of content to manage, but I think overall it was worth it . . . Anyway, I hope you like'em! 

Skins: (Compact Layout only)

   Firstly, the skin(s) use some of the collection book and dock elements from the Gold v3 skin by Maxeel. They are just done so well,  
although they have been altered in these skins. I understand the effort that went into making those. Many thanks out to Maxeel for providing those.

You can find his skin here:

  So, there are 2 skins. I named them Shiver and Toasty. Red and blue, with highlights of grey orange. Both skins are rocking newer MTGO art from Avaycn Restored and a few other recent sets. A cleaner, darker UI with better quality textures. Atm, the skins are only to be used with the compact layout. If there is enough demand, maybe we can manage a Full version aswell.

Toasty Skin preview: (Please excuse the watermarks)

Shiver skin preview:

  After hearing most MTGO players don't use the audio. I thought there was a viod worth filling, and I really didn't see any other sound mods for MTGO. The idea is to give Magic players the opportunity to turn back on the sound. This mod silences most annoying step sounds and enhances most others. Aswell as offering a fresh audio experience for a program that has been around for a nearly a decade.
  I have also made installers written in batch code/language. I made an installer for each mod, so you can choose the combination you want. The installer makes installing and reapplying after updating a breeze. A few key presses, 3 seconds and your done. You can swap skins about 10 times within a minute, its simple. I haven't tested that, but you get my point.

  I have also made a repair or restore. If all else fails, run the repair. It will undo everything these mods install. It takes about 10 secs, compared to the 10 mins of a defualt MTGO repair.

Download: (MediaFire; Contains the 2 skins, the sound mod and the repair.)

 And again, I hope you like them. If you have any issues or feedback you can contact me @

I'm made an install tut/short demo to help aviod any confusion. Also, sorry for the choppy video, atm I'm a pretty slow laptop.

The download links are no longer active. You may close this thread.
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