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If you have any errata suggestions for Dragon Issue #400, please add them to this thread.

All around helpful simian

Does this count old issues that never got fixed?
I would suggest dragon 400 Battle Cleric's Lore.  Currently it gives too many PCs access to scale +2 ac.  It needs a prereq that you need to have chain proficiency to get the free scale proficiency.  Or else remove the scale proficiency entirely and give battle clerics lore a +2 shield bonus to AC and Reflex, since that would be about equal.
The current version is way overpowered for hybrid clerics.  They can end up with situations like hybrid cleric/avengers and hybrid cleric/wizards who only have cloth and scale proficiency and unlike other hybrids they don't have to spend a feat for that armor proficiency.  There is also the issue of the feat Divine Healer, which gives anyone who takes it access to free scale proficiency +2 ac since they can swap out Healer's Lore for Battle Clerics Lore (customer service says that works).  Adding the chain proficiency requirement fixes that or removing the scale proficiency fixes that problem.

All around helpful simian

For what its worth, I prefer the solution of removing scale proficiency and giving a reflex bonus. 

Partly because its simpler, but also because a lot of the chain enchantements were designed with clerics in mind and now no templars use those.  Things like healer's armor, champion's haubrek, and holy radiance armor are no longer used by templars, but only by warpriests.
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