Kaijudo Rise of the Duel Masters (Show, TCG, and Online TCG)

Being as WotC is being a little slow to putting a forum for Kaijudo here, i thought i would put this thread to work to that purpose.

The preview episodes for the show just aired this weekend, as well as the website upgraded. we have the release dates for the Battle Decks, a set/deck combination in July, and the first regular set released in Sept [im pretty sure the first 2 decks will more or less be base set releases]. and on the site we have Kaijudo Battles, a mini game that is there to preview the cards' art and names [not to be taken how the actual TCG will be.] and also news from WotC of Kaijudo Online, a Duels of the Plainswalkers for Kaijudo.

the website has been updating us weekly with news on the TCG and the show since Feb. we still have much to learn about the TCG and KaiO this month.

next month, the show fully premiers on the Hub June 2nd. and the TCG launches June 26 with the Battle Decks.


i really enjoyed the show. i like the art style. and the story had alot more depth than i was expecting. and the actors did great. i like how they integrated the basic mechanics into the show. the TCG looks more and more like Duel Masters was [yes, Kaijudo is a rebranding of Duel Masters]. bus we still havent learn of the mana system but we know it will have it. as well as blockers, shields, and shield triggers.
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