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well due to the stupidity of some friends all of our bonfires, tibalts, and tamiyos were traded in for store crdit on boxes...so if I wanted to build UR control what would the forums suggest?  A black splash is acceptable.
I like fun, but competitive decks. So I might not play what is optimal but they have normally been tested to have a 2/3 winrate.
A member of my playgroup played a wicked awesome Grixis Control deck that he disassembled for his wicked awesome Delver deck (chinsey sod can't play a deck without Snapcaster Mage and Surgical Extraction).

I'd actually use :B: as the "main" color, and build red and blue sources of card advantage and selection (among other things.) Praetor's Grasp is particularly nifty at the moment because many of the hardest cards to deal with at the moment are best used in short numbers, or happen to be lands.
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