05/08/2012 Serious Fun: "In a Glass Case of Emotion"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Serious Fun, which goes live Tuesday morning on magicthegathering.com.
Ghave wants Cathar's Crusade in the deck with him.

How about a Gisela EDH Build?
I voted for Griselbrand, as I've been working on my own angel builds.  Just got my foil Sigarda yesterday!
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On the topic of "Answers", I try to make sure all of my casual 60-card decks have at least three cards in them that will answer "most" pesky artifacts or enchantments. Oblivion Ring is my go-to here, because it's (a) so fantastically versatile and (b) a common that's easy to buy 20 of. I often top up the numbers with Faith's Fetters, which doesn't quite answer everything in the same way but has a pretty good hit rate too. For green decks I'll tend to play Sylvok Replica as a Disenchant that can spend a while blocking. Boomerang-style effects or a little countermagic tend to have to play the same role in blue decks.

The common feature here is that all of these are very good on an artifact or an enchantment, while not being useless if the opponent doesn't have any artifacts or enchantments around (even Sylvok Replica is a 1/3).

I don't like discard, so black and red decks tend to have to sit out that kind of answer; but I'll usually run a pretty heavy creature-removal suite in either to make up for it.  

How about a Gisela EDH Build?

A Boros Striker tribal deck sounds so good it builds itself. First and Double Strikers have a new lord that gives all Strikers Godstrike.
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