An Introduction to Eberron? Anyone has one?

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Many-many years ago, there was a website (it was probably in the 3.0 era) which had a ton of info about Eberron, with pictures and everything in it. It was really a great introduction to Eberron, and you could just send the link to your friends and tell them thats what we are playing. I have found the link here on these forums, but I can't locate it anymore. :-(

I stopped playing d&d and Eberron for a while and sadly I lost that link, but I am searching for something similar now.

I am looking for one website or document, which has the basic info about eberron, with a lot of visuals/pictures, that I could send via email.

Something like this: The players guide to Ptolus

I could probably write it, and maybe even get the pictures from the old 3.0 galleries, but it would be a lot of work, and I'm quite certain something like this floats on the internet already.

I hope you can help me out.
I know exactly what you are talking about and can't seem to find it either.

I suggest An Adventurer's Guide to Eberron if you can physically hand them a book.

 If not, Google turned up these:

  • Try the Eberron wiki also

  • Various Obsidian Portal campaigns have decent stuff in them too

Please link to this page with anything you find. Thanks!

Was it this one? (Don't click - sadly it's been taken down!)

I also found this one:
Was it this one? (Don't click - sadly it's been taken down!)

I also found this one:

I am quite certain that it was the one you posted first. It was really a great website, if anyone saved it I would be happy to have a copy. (I can give internet cookies in return?)

On the other hand, your second link is perfect for just right now.

Thank you, both of you!
Call me Ender.
Awesome! I could have sworn that I tried the Wayback Machine when I realised it was gone, but it wasn't there. But now it is! Laughing
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