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Some problems that I see with the deck are that it has very few ways to interact with your opponent and will typically fall apart if it doesn't win in the first 5 or so turns, with the white fireball as your only real hope after that.

For example, a deck that runs enough removal to kill off your T1 Champion of the Parish is going to be able to make it to turn 4 pretty easily at which point they can put out Sorin, Lord of Innistrad, Huntmaster of the Fells, or Olivia Voldaren, all of which will pretty much shut this deck down. A Blasphemous Act or Rolling Temblor also wrecks the deck.

I've been playing a BRw control deck lately which usually crushes the standard WR aggro deck out there, and that deck is going to have more explosive starts than this one with the T4 Hellrider. They can sometimes get a win on the perfect draw (although not always) and are sometimes able to close out a game with a morbid Brimstone Volley or Devil's Play, but more often then not I take 10-15 points of damage and then they run out of threats and can't keep up with the more dangerous threats that I'm playing. There are similar RUG and RGw decks out there that do the same thing - use some early removal to keep from getting too low on life then play a T4 Huntmaster of the Fells to get back that life and take over the game. Alternatively, play a T4 Garruk, Relentless which creates an endless stream of blockers while you stabilize.

As a fun FNM deck though, I could see this one having some success.
As above, with the thought that this deck really, really wants a Rally the Peasants.

As further thought, due to the high amount of evasion your deck has, you might want to trim back some of mid-range non-evasion and add in Equipment to increase the clock. A Silver Inlaid Dagger would work a few wonders, or a Butcher's Cleaver.
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