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So, some friends and myself are doing some tribal deck fun stuff we're restricting ourselves to somewhat obscure tribes or fun interesting ones... 
Looking to see if I can get any suggestions or help, trying to stray away from Aether Vial and the such to keep it from going too insane.

3 Nagao, Bound by Honor
3 Devoted Retainer
4 Battle-Mad Ronin
4 Hand of Honor
4 Ronin Houndmaster
2 Fumiko the Lowblood
1 Iizuka the Ruthless

3 Lightning Bolt
4 Lightning Helix
3 Call to Glory
3 Shared Triumph
3 Oblivion Ring

3 Bonesplitter

4 Battlefield Forge
4 Clifftop Retreat
4 Ancient Amphitheater
5 Plains
3 Mountain

Looking at Infiltration Lens as opposed to bonesplitter, the purpose of bonesplitter at present moment is to just force some second thought into blocking existing creatures and to even out the mana curve for some one drops.  
Also, maybe using Magma Jet just for the ability to fix draws.  

Godo, Bandit Warlord
Indebted Samurai
Oathkeeper, Takeno's Daisho
Takeno, Samurai General
Sensei Golden-Tail (gatherer ruling: multiple instances of bushido trigger seperately)

Off Color:
Isao, Enlightened Bushi

Specific Decks:
Konda's Hatamoto (if full of legendaries)

I'm noticing a pattern here.  Rather than bonesplitter, I'd use these guys to pump your creatures up to high heaven.  I tried infiltration lens and it never worked out well for me.  Since your opponent chooses he'll pick the worst: your key man will die when you already have a lot of cards anyway and your minor guy will deal 1 or 2 damage when your hand is empty.

Sensei Golden-Tail could be used to pull shennanigans with non-samurai.

coat of arms, no? konda's banner  is nice if you include the legendary lord.
Woot! Go RED! I love red! Red is awesome! Did I mention I love red?
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56778328 wrote:
Why did you post it here? "Hey, all you guys who play this game! I'm not gonna play it!" "Umm... Ok, dude."
coat of arms, no? konda's banner  is nice if you include the legendary lord.

if he's in a group of a bunch of tribal decks the coat of arms will bite as much as help.
No Brothers Yamazaki? How disappointing...

Door of destinies is what I prefer to use for pump.
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A thought occured to me while building my own samurai deck, since fumiko the lowblood makes an opponent's creatures ataack, maybe you should throw in some countermeasures so they won't hurt you, like batwing brume or ethereal haze or intimidation bolt, or something to wreck them like lightmine field or vengeful dreams or choking fumes
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