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does anyone knows if there are standart cards which allows me to put creature cards from the graveyard onto the battlefield???

can somebody please list some of these cards ???
ah okay thank you are these the only ones ?
Well, there is also Sun Titan, but he's more restricted in what he can bring back and is quite expensive, Driver of the Dead is the same way. The New Phyrexia block has a variety of stuff that can bring back artifacts and therefore artifact creatures, but I can't recall any actual creature reanimation.
are there any cards where i can search my libary for some creatures and put em into graveyard? or some cards where i can discard cards from my hand?
A good one for discarding is. Zombie Infestation
thx man i have this card in my graveborne foil deck but i am searching for legal cards from the last editions
Zombie infestation is in M12, it's standard legal.
oh okay i´m sorry Belliarch.

thank you  
Zombie Apocalypse can bring back all zombies from your graveyard (and gets rid of all humans).

Civilized Scolar and Murder of Crows can cycle through your deck and let you put creature cards into the yard.
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