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Quick question about the using of joint assault.

If I control a Wingcrafter and a Druid's Familiar that are paired together how does the following situation resolve?

I choose to attack with both creatures for 7 damage, and then before damage resolves I choose to cast joint assault targeting wingcrafter for the +2/+2 pump.  Then would the second +2/+2 pump go on to Wingcrafter or Druid's Familiar as the "that " creature the spell refers too as being paired?  Or do I get to choose who gets the other +2/+2 pump?

Thanks, Ken 
Joint Assault will give a creature +2/+2, and if it's paired with a creature, the other creature will also get +2/+2. By "that creature," the text is referring to the creature paired with the target.

In the example you gave, Wingcrafter will be 5/5 and Druid's Familiar will be 6/6.
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