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I'm thinking of testing a zoo build out and am not sure if he has a spot and if so, over whom?

My 1 drops now are Loam Lion, Kird Ape, and Steppe Lynx. 
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So when UR Delver came out to win a GP, did Christian Calcano email/call you and thank you personally, or was there just a mutual understanding?
Legitimately laughed at this...haha
No kidding. +1 internets for a hidden gem in the standard deck help.
9/10 they will take the 4 damage. If not, they have an answer. Do you want 4 damage to the face, or a creature?
If you have more than one in your deck, by the time you play your second one, your opponent will most likely be able to defend against it as a creature. It's a good card, but gets weaker as the game goes on.
This card was not made for zoo it was made for burn and that is the only place you should be playing it in any format.

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i see vexing devil working in a koldoth/metal craft deck and yes definitely in a burn deck. I can also see fun tricks with him being reanimated, if ever possible - some sort of R/B concoction.
Actually, I could see Devil getting some use in the format of fetches and shocks. I still don't think it's a $10 card, but nonetheless.
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I think the devil can work in a couple different 1.5 decks.

R/b Burn - The deck uses Bump in the Night as Lava Spike 5-8.  Vexing Devil fits into this style of deck the best as others have commented.

Zoo - I know others disagree but I think he could make the cut.  I would rather draw a Vexing Devil on turn 10 of the game than a Kird Ape.  Yes, it is true that the longer the game goes, the less impressive he is but that is the mark of these style of decks.  Wild Nacatl was a blow to the archetype but if they ever unbanned him, I would try Zoo with Vexing Devil in the place of Kird Ape.  

There was a time, pre-Tarmogoyf, when Boros was a deck.  I could see him in that style of deck as well. 

U/R Delver - Delver and Devil are the most aggressive creatures in the format for one mana.  Backed by tempo strategy, I could see Vexing Devil as a card that could help close out the game in a hurry.
I'm working on a deck that will use:

Proclamation of Rebirth and Ranger of Eos as part of an engine.  I don't know if it's even good, but I'm curious about it.  Vexing devil is a tutor target as part of a package.
Vexing Devil is definitely a staple. It's a Lava Spike + 1. And if they let you keep it, it's a 4/3 for 1 mana which is never bad.
Is this really happening

please dont necro as well 
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