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Ok so i had a question about planeswalkers and hexproof ? if a creature has hexproof, and i were to play gideon jura and use his "+2: During target opponent's next turn, creatures that player controls attack Gideon Jura if able. would the hexproof creature then HAVE to swing at gideon? it doesnt "target" the hexproof creature, it targets the opponent.
Yes, Gideon doesn't target the creature, so its ability works on the creature just fine. Creatures with hexproof still have to attack Gideon.
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Gideon Jura's +2 targets a player (an opponent to be precise)
if the player has hexproof it doesn't work, but it doesn't matter if the creatures have it.
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that works cuz it's to the player, so i assume the -2 doesnt work cuz it would be to the target card with hexproof?
correct, Hexproof protects against Gideon Jura's -2
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