Battle Champion (Warlord PP)

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Hi there,

So I have ditched my bard build and am replacing him with a Bravelord.  The basic chassis of it was inspired by LDB's old Stormbringer build, but seasoned to taste (the race is half-orc, and I switched one or two things, like giving him Brash Assault with Harlequin Style).  Just for kicks, I set about going over some other Paragon Paths to see if there was anything else to consider.  Lo and behold, the Battle Champion PP was there; it's from Dragon 390, was that after LDB left? 

Anyhoo, at first glance the Champion's Presence feature screams to be used by a Bravelord.  With that big swing riding on AP usage (free attack or grant CA), rerolls on any action point seem to make this one that must be seriously considered for use by any Bravura Presence warlord.  Is there something I'm missing, or should I be working a MC fighter into my build?

Have a good one.


PS - Zelink, if you read this: Battle Champion is in neither LDB's guide nor your new version, if this PP is worth anything you might want to insert it into the Paragon Path section. 

PPS - My bad, I was looking in the Paragon Path section but this one was listed in the multiclass section. Have a good one.