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Ok so i wanna make this character (pictured above).  Hes basically a wandering adventurer who seeks to hone his skills in combat with worthy opponents.  I figure hes a cloth wearing dude who uses punching, throw energy spheres, and does spinny charges. 

Any suggestions on how to make this guy?

 It's a monk.


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Yeah I was thinking monk, but what im wondering is if i should multiclass or hybrid to get the good ol' Hadouken thing going.  Ya know, can hold his own in close range sure but also be able to keep a good zoning game if needed (monk increase speed helps this as well).  Was originally thinking wizard/monk but thats just too crazy on stats to work right.
A search for Ranged Monk in the compendium gives a handful of powers, although they're all encounter or dailies, and mostly higher level. Could any (or all) of them work for you?
hmm that could work, ill check it out in the morning.  Thanks :D
The Desert Wind monk tradition is probably your best bet. It's a Dex/Cha build, so you could easily MC sorcerer or warlock to pick up some ranged or area 'energy blast' powers, and its Flurry of Blows power does fire damage, which seems appropriate for someone throwing energy blasts around.

Alternatively, any lightly-armoured class that uses both melee weapon attacks and ranged implement attacks (e.g. warlock, swordmage, fighter|wizard hybrid, even cleric if you go Int or Dex secondary) could take Master of the Fist (a monk MC feat - requires Str 13 or Dex 13) to get access to the monk's unarmed strike and ki focuses. Or there's the Elemental Initiate theme that gives any character ki focus proficiency and access to a slightly weaker version of the monk's unarmed strike.

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Do you want any help working on his story?
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