Is there a way to get glimmering blade in Hybrid form

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It would be perfect for my idea I have, but I can't think of any way of getting this stance in hybrid form.
I don't see the issue, why can't you just use them both as is?
I want to use it in a charging build in conjunction with eldritch strike.
I don't see any way to get it through Hybriding, but you can always pick it up as a PMC.

EDIT: Alternatively, be a Half-Elf and just bring Eldritch Strike and whatever else you need into a Knight.
you have to be eladrin to get glimmering blade so half elf won't normaly work. But you could be a half elf and pick one of the eds that let you be multiple races.
Trying to fit this all in around mid-paragon
Well PMC is probably your only option, and thats a huge cost since you'll have to spend the 3 feats for swapping and yet won't actually be able to swap with 2 of them.
It's a fourth feat, but couldn't you take Martial Cross-Training and then power swap for an Encounter power?
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Depends what he's starting with. If you PMC -into- a Knight, which is, into a Fighter, you may have all the power-swaps you need, and just pick Glimmering Blade as your level 11 PMC at-will power.

Considering having Eldritch Strike as an Eladrin means he's starting off with Warlock or Hybrid Warlock, he can power-swap just fine. Rain of Steel as your daily (or Unyielding Avalanche at 15, which is AWESOME if you have a high Con score) that is golden and doesn't make you MAD, as well as any good utility you can fine. Your only problem would be Encounters since they all require Strength to hit with. There are a couple solutions, but you'll either give up your Arms slot or another Feat, when you're already starved. Or you can ignore the Encounter power and be just fine.

It looks like a big effort to me though. What are you trying to accomplish by teleporting when you hit? Evermeer Warlock's invisibility? Because if you just need to blink when you hit an enemy you can pick the Eladrin's level 16 racial utility, Spiral Dance Assault. It's less powerful since it's only 1/round, but it doesn't eat 4 feats just to be able to.
I don't think you actually can PMC into a knight, and even if you did I'm not sure how it would give you access to Glimmering Blade
You can PMC into a Fighter, Knights are Figthers. I agree you are not *supposed* to get Glimmering Blade since it's a power without a level, but the wording of PMC allows you to pick *any* at-will from your second class. Glimmering Blade is labeled as "Figther Utility" and it's an at-will power, thus if you PMC Figther you can actually gain it.

It's the same as people going PMC Ranger to tap Dual Weapon Attack, which is the Scout's striker feature. Cheesy and most certainly not RAI, but RAW it's perfectly legal. It's staying untouched because it basically breaks nothing. It's a huge feat investment for a little bonus.
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