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Hi everyone,
I'm prepping for an upcoming 3.5  Campaign, and the DM has said Core only, but the thought of having Cleric Archer has me hooked. I know the usual advice is to take Zen Archery, but I'm wondering if someone has any advice about what to do when it's not an option.

I've  been going through many builds and leafing through the cleric / domains, and this is what I have so far.

Race: Human
Classes @ 20: Cleric 18, Ranger 2
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Deity: None
Domains: War (Longbow), Travel

Class Level progress would likely be:
1: Clr
2: Rgr
3: Clr
4: Rgr
5-20: Clr

I figure that my Feats path in the first few levels would be something like: Point Blank Shot (1), Precise Shot (1), Weapon Focus: Longbow (War Domain, and the martial weapon proficiency) Quicken Spell (3), Rapid Shot (Ranger 2) 

Starting abilities (I hope at least, because we'll be rolling) would be:
Str: 10
Dex: 14+
Con: 12
Int: 10
Char: 10

With the intention of getting Wisdom up to 19 for 9th level spells, and the other two in Dex or Con.

Would it be possible? Is there anything you would do differently in my case? Aside from going Melee Cleric which is my fall back should this not work at all.
You know what, I think the Prestige Ranger would be perfect. Though its not "core" in that its in the PHB, it is listen on the SRD, and it fits your concept perfectly. You might lose a squick of power, but it fits your character thematically, and you should give it a look. 

The original cleric archer was core only, so you are in luck. 

Play cleric 20, and I recomend an elf. Wild from the MM if possible. Feats of note - 1- PB Shot 3- Rapid Shot. 6 -Precise Shot 9+ whatever. Improved init isn't bad. Core only with medium BAB weapon focus isn't terrible. Quicken and Extend are decent for buffing.

I say elf so you don't need war domian, which isn't all that awesome outside of proficiency. I'd swap it for Trickery or  Magic. Trickery for added class skills (why not) and its nice spell list, and Magic for its ability to use magic items. 

Stats Wis =~16 no higher really unless you roll awesome. Dex>Con=Str>Int>Cha (DMM is out so who cares about cha)

I assume you know the default awesome buff spells for a cleric? just cast them every round instead of once/day DMMed. If they last 1hr/level even better. I'd go for one or two good ones every combat. 

As with any archer, I always recomend a mount. Double Move and full attack is super good. Chain it outside the dungeon if you encounter them often. (if its smart enough/magical enough it might even wait for you) During combats you can get by just mongoling. If it has flight you can autowin many encounters.  

Just havign a decent dex and using a bow will get you by plenty until you able to reliably use good spells. 

By multiclassing like you are, I think you are giving up spells to much and too early. I'd prefer to have on level casting for levels 1-10 and then be behind 2 levels from then on (once I have some decent spells) than the other way around. (when I am always behind in casting, and never have level approperiate spells). In general I don't think its worth it for you. In the end you are behind two caster levels, in exchange for rapid shot, some crappy stuff you don't care about, and +1 BAB. (by level 12 you won't notice that BAB bump you had at early levels and would have the same if you were pure cleric of the same level)

Rapid shot is a decent feat and all, but my build has you getting it at level 3. 

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Thanks for the Advice! I've had a few people tell me that the Ranger multiclassing is a draw back, that the Rapid Shot there only applies if my character were in light armor, that'd I'd be better off just taking Rapid Shot at the 6th and then Quicken Spell at 9th or higher. Others have suggested dipping into Fighter 1 for the extra feat and BAB, losing only 1 caster level there.
For a core only Cleric Archer I'd also go with an Elf Cleric 20 or Druid 20 if you're going to stay away from the metal armor.  A major consideration here is that by going with an Elf Cleric you can NOT safely multiclass into any of the other base classes without hitting the XP penalties for unbalanced class levels; some of the many elf variations may have a different favored class which can make multiclassing possible.

If you're going with a human then you have more freedom when it comes to multiclassing.  Here I'd say Fighter would be a much better choice then Ranger if you want to combine with Cleric; you're taking Ranger 2 for a conditional bonus feat that you could just select with Fighter1 seeing how you're already planning to take the prereq.  If you find yourself in need of another feat Fighter 2 is then right there to get it for you. 
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