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Is there a place on the forums besides the compendium where I can look at the racial feats of the Minotaur? I haven't picked up PHB3 yet, and wanted to get a headstart on building a Minotaur defender.
The compendium would be the place to go.
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I thought not having DDI would keep me from actually looking in the compendium.
If you don't have DDI then the best place to look is probably the relevant class guides down in the CharOp forum. They'll usually list racial feats that are significant/relevant options for the class in question.
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I thought not having DDI would keep me from actually looking in the compendium.

IIRC you can search the compendium without a subscription, but cannot see the individual entries. This will usually allow you to see what book and the page number of what and entry.

Here's the Link so you can see for yourself.
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