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I'm not sure where to find info on this, but does anyone know if stores are allowed to sell Avacyn Restored singles before the release date this Friday? What if a store is working with a couple of private dealers who pay a commision to the store in exchange for the store's credit card processing?
Mine shipped from Amazon already.
Does WotC approve this or is someone pulling some shenannigans through Amazon? I noticed Star City Games does not ship their Avacyn Restored singles until May 4.
My friend preordered a booster box from Amazon and his is due to arrive today, he said he usually gets his booster boxes from Amazon a day before the release date.
My LCS doesn't sell anything before its release day, except for intro packs during prerelease tournaments, which is allowed for open dueling.  Looking forward to picking up my booster box & promo card tomorrow. 
My LCS is closed on Friday :-(

I hate walmart.... 
If stores are following the rules, nothing (save pre-release events) should be sold prior to this friday.

While brick and mortar retailers basically sign a contract that says they won't, there's less control on internet sellers, and virtually no controll on third-party sellers.

Keep in mind that many "distributors" ship product out to "retailers" in time for it to be on shelves on Friday. Many internet sellers are on this same schedule.

As mdouet pointed out it's common for product to ship out of internet sellers a day or two early.

Personally I recieved shipping confirmation on my AVR product (online seller) today.

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