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I've been looking through Half-Elf stuff and recently found the Half-Elf Polymath PP which I read and immediatly thought "Taskmaster."

SO if I were to make a build that revolved entirely around that sort of build, what classes and powers should I be looking at? I know the level 20 daily stance is going to entirely rely on the party set-up however.

Having tried to make a Taskmaster build before, I could never decide if I should make him an Executioner for the quick-swap(to simulate Taskmaster's mastery of multiple weapons) or Battlemind(he looks like a Battlemind to me....), though I'm leaning more towards Executioner after reading what I just wrote.... 
I could see Half-elf Polymath working best for a Sorcerer.

You gain an additional At-Will power with its level 16 feature; well, why not gain spells that the normal Sorcerer doesn't quite have? You've got a rather strong Ranged Weapon Arcane power in Jinx Shot or the ever-popular Vicious Mockery (Bard), a large-range two-target Blast 5 in Echoing Dirge (Warlock), and for Elementalists, you've got anything you might dream up from the Warlock spell list.
the problem for me is that he needs to have a shield and a bow, but they don't work together in 4e.
He definitely seems like a defender, I would think an arena fighter would fit him best, but the stats don't line up with half elf.
Ah, completely misunderstood the original query.

Honestly, the best way to literally be able to do EVERYTHING as an At-WIll (implement, melee, ranged, adding a shield, etc)... is to use a Dagger for everything. It can be thrown, you can stab with it, you can easily use it as an implement, and there's no fenagling required to be able to use a Shield alongside it.

Though how this would work *efficiently* is beyond my understanding. You're just not going to make a really good setup using multiple weapons without going with Executioner, and only because they have to use specific weapons for each of their powers.
hmm, maybe the multiple weapons thing isn't needed so much. From what I see Taskmaster usually fights with a sword+abilities he copies off other peopel(my experience with Taskmaster is limited tough).

And doesn't really have to be a Taskmaster build, it was just the inspiriaton. I'll take a look at the Sorceror though, could be interesting(though the Infinite Reflectiosn stance is still entirely party dependant, though if set-up right, could be lots of fun, and the flavor is fantastic)
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