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If you have any errata suggestions for Dungeon Issue #202, please add them to this thread.

Trevor Kidd Community Manager

Pg. 11 Cruel as a Desert Wind: Elder Dust Devil's Defenses should be reduced because a Level 17 monster is a little too high for characters of Level 6-8.
i have to disagree, in the context of the adventure the pcs should run and hide. in 4e the pcs never run; this is a good lesson. so i would keep the level 17 in. note the following quote from the adventure

"When it has done any amount of damage and has no one left to attack, Vaarduun leaves and heads west across the desert."

so if the pcs and everyone else are hiding it automatically leaves after tearing up the tents etc

making it any lower in level turns it into just another boring, common encounter
The PCs don't know that and the adventure also say:

''If the characters survive the encounter with Vaarduun, they receive 800 XP even if they don’t defeat the elemental in combat.''

Which means there is a high risk they don't if they fight. So throwing a seemingly defeatable opponent only to have the PC rely on the Ballista to hope to damage it reliably or being forced to run and hide to survive sounds unituitive IMO.

But its true that not enought encounters are built in this fashion. I don't know, perhaps a sidebar could have been included to warn DMs of the risk this encounter has.
Pg. 09 The Isle of Death: Dythan Legion Vanguard's Breath Weapon Power should deal 2d6 +6 since
           the Dragonborn is level 11. His Speed should also be 5, not 6 due to Plate armor.

Pg. 09 The Isle of Death: Dythan Legion Archer's Longbow Power should have a Range of 20/40. 

Pg. 10 The Isle of Death: Dythan Legion Warrior's Javelin Power should have a Range of 10/20.
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