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If you don't see a conversation on the issue of Dragon or Dungeon that you have an errata suggestions for, please leave a request here to start that thread. We will look over the request and respond as soon as we're able.

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Dragon 404

Slashing Kama Style

Prerequisite: Monk, Flurry of Blows class feature
Benefit: You gain proficiency with the sickle. When you use your flurry of blows power while you are wielding a sickle, choose one target of the power that is adjacent to you. The target instead takes ongoing damage equal to the damage that you would have dealt to it with the power.

The last sentence of the benefit is not real clear and does not specify whether the ongoing damage is of the same type as the Flurry of Blows that you used with the feat.  Specifically, whether the ongoing damage stays fire if you used the Desert Wind Flurry of Blows or whether it becomes untyped.  There is even a belief that the last sentence is completely ambiguous about what power it is talking about. 

There are a few threads going about this feat already.  The one on the rules forum starts out as Desert Wind Flurry of Blows, Slashing Kama Style,...
I'd have a request for Dragon 379: The Assassin Paragon Tier. Thank you.

Pg. 28 Flurry of Talons's Hit line should say it deals 1d8, 2d8 or 3d8 instead of and like Shadow Darts says to be more concistent and avoid confusion as to how many dice are rolled because some may read it as possibily getting all 3 otherwise.

Pg. 30 Shadow Fire's Hit line should say it deals 1[W], 2[W] or 3[W] instead of and like Shadow Darts says to be more concistent and avoid confusion as to how many dice are rolled because some may read it as possibily getting all 3 otherwise.
Does this count old issues that never got fixed?

I would suggest dragon 400 Battle Cleric's Lore.  Currently it gives too many PCs access to scale +2 ac.  It needs a prereq that you need to have chain proficiency to get the free scale proficiency.  Or else remove the scale proficiency entirely and give battle clerics lore a +2 shield bonus to AC and Reflex, since that would be about equal.

The current version is way overpowered for hybrid clerics.  They can end up with situations like hybrid cleric/avengers and hybrid cleric/wizards who only have cloth and scale proficiency and unlike other hybrids they don't have to spend a feat for that armor proficiency.  There is also the issue of the feat Divine Healer, which gives anyone who takes it access to free scale proficiency +2 ac since they can swap out Healer's Lore for Battle Clerics Lore (customer service says that works).  Adding the chain proficiency requirement fixes that or removing the scale proficiency fixes that problem.

Dragon 376

Fell Taint Thought Scourge

This is a level 5 solo controller. Its published defenses are AC 23; Fort 19; Ref 20; Will 22. These are way out of line for a level 5 monster. The defenses should be:

AC 19; Fort 15; Ref 17; Will 19. 
Dargon 378.  Small warrior's defense should probably by a shield or feat bonus.  As is it stacks with battle clerics lore and bunch of other stuff.  Its not a huge issue by itself that it is untyped, but halflings in particular can get super high AC with it.  It stacks with the untyped bonuses from lost in the crowd, the tactical warpriest bonus, adamantine soldier bonus, the shield bonus from battle clerics lore, and feat bonus like scale specialization.  That leaves out power bonuses.

I have a halfling build that gets the equivalent of scale +7 at level 16 (+11 when bloodied and next to 2 medium or larger creatures) and it goes up to scale +8 (+12) at level 21.
Dragon 373

Pg. 19 Lolthdark Style: The Feat's Twin Strike's benefit doesn't give a timing or duration to which the Ranger must move after using Twin Strike. Immediatly after ? Before the end of his turn or next turn ?
Dragon 412

Pg. 02 The Mariner Sea Legs Power can be triggered off of its effect successively in chain until successful and therefore should have a Special line saying ''Special: You can use this power only once per turn'' to  limit its use.  

Dragon 413

Scourges of Lolth, Page 04
The Widow of Arach-Tinilith's Blood for Spider utility power target line is: One ally adjacent to you or your spiderling familiar

I see two problems with the current power:
1) A familiar has no surge value thus, targetting the spider familiar with this power would deal no damage to it, granting the benefits while avoiding entirely the drawbacks.

2) Even if the power will be reworded to actually being able to damage/destroy the familiar the target line should probably clarify: "One ally adjacent to you or your active mode spiderling familiar"
Otherwise arguments could be made about using the power while the familiar is in passive mode to circumvent the destruction of the familiar.
The Chaosmade theme (from "Character Themes: Reborn from Chaos"), while correct in the Dragon article, had a typo introduced when converted to Character Builder.  In the CB, the level 1 power of that theme, Seed of Chaos, says the following:

    2. Until the end of your next turn, the target takes 2 extra damage each time it is bit with an attack.

In the actual article, the bolded word is "hit", which clears up any confusion about this effect only applying to bite attacks. 

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Dragon 387

Shaman Basics article: Shaman Level 10 Utility Power Call Forth The Spirit World.

Dragon Magazine says this is an encounter power, but it has the gray coloring of a daily power instead of red. 

The compendium says it is a daily power.

Its a fairly powerful sustainable zone so I suspect the dragon article may have meant it to be a daily, but someone in encounter by mistake.  Either Dragon or the compendium needs fixing.
Dragon 415 

Pg. 02 Channel Divinity: Zehir The Midnight Serpent's Fang of Zehir's Paragon Path feature More Souls for Zehir should ignore poison resistance and immunity altogheter and should be the level 11 feature rather than level 16.

Dragon 381

Pg 68 Duelist's Prowess Rogue Attack 1

  There is no "Weapon" keyword for the power or attack even though it is clearly a weapon attack. 
Dragon 384

Page 56 A Plan Comes Together Warlock Attack 27

The power states that a successful attack by the primary ally dazes the target, but no duration is listed for the daze effect.

As an Encounter power that's triggered on an opponent's turn, I'd guess that it should be something like until the start of the subject's next turn.
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