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I was running my campaign tonight and the players wanted to buy a map of a level of the Ruins of Greyhawk.

I thought that enough adventurers had been there that the Cartographers Guild would have a map. The guild would sell a quarter of the first level at 25gp. Second level maps would be 50gp a quarter and the third level would be 100gp per quarter. I am not sure what I should have charged, just made a guess that I hope won't imbalance my game.

What would the Cartographers Guild charge for maps from adventurers? I feel that the must be a member to be trusted. I would use the rules for Affiliations for rank and other favors. I am not sure what a map that is found in treasure or such should be worth. I would think to calculate it on the Encounter Level or Challenge Rating of the adventure or creature the map is found with. It could also be valued based on other factors.

Just looking for advice or people with solutions they used.

It really depends on the quality if you ask me. Dubious quality maps from scammers would probably be no more than 10 GP, with a simple, if incomplete layout, and lack of any solid details. A quality work might be anything from 20-200 GP depending on the detail, and possibly divided by floor as you mentioned.

Trusted members of a guild, like you mentioned, would probably be charged less, though I doubt anyone would only sell to trusted members. Charging a much greater price to outsides seems more like standard business (unless its someplace special to the guild, or a particularly dangerous location). It may even be a way to plan up new adventures hooks, sending the PCs in to help one of the members map a new area/dungeon/tower/etc out to get them in the guilds good graces. Their maps may even lead them to wonders and horrors they never expected.

Hope this helps. Happy Gaming
Thanks for your advice and ideas. I decided to incorporate some of your ideas with what might happen in a fantasy world. The cost of the map should reflect rarity and level. Some notorious dungeons that have been explored could have lots of cheap maps because so many adventures have seen the easier levels and lived to tell about it. Other areas may have been missed by low leveled adventures. 

Ultimately, the Cartographer's Guild should know what they have on file and what is new and charge accordingly. The XP chart in the Dungeon Masters Guild can help give and idea of what a map should be worth to adventures. Anything to high or low, easy or hard should be either common knowledge or impossible to get a map to. 
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