Strikers as good Solo Characters?

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I know that DnD is designed as a social game with a group of characters, but i've been thinking, What if you want a game where it's just you? Striker's seem to be really good for this, especially Blackguards, what with their defender par hit points and plethora of striker powers.

What do you  guys think?
I think str/dex ranger might work well, but would also consider bow monk.  Both can do ranged/melee well, handle multiple enemies, and have tricks for getting out of trouble.  Infernal warlock would be another similiar choice.  Maybe something like a hybrid cleric with one of those classes would work well too.

I have never played 4E with less than 3 PCs, which is about the minimum I think you should go with.  3 PCs seems to work pretty well IME and I have played in many encounters with that small of a party.
Whatever you choose I see it being very one note and all of those options low except for striker, but with striker having the biggest swings in success or failure. Honestly, a Defender with lots of potions and some feats to shake bad status effects (dazed, dominated, sleep, etc.) makes the most sense to me.
One of the tough, self-healing/tempgenning strikers (Slayer, Blackguard, Berserker, Barbarian) or high-damage/self-healing/tempgenning Defenders (STRaladin, CHAladin, BRV fighter, Greatweapon Fighter) would probably be best, but it bears repeating, this is not a game designed for a single player.  You'd probably be better off either running a single PC with a bunch of Companion CHaracters, or simply playing a game better designed for the purpose.
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Vampires can do it as well though it would take a very careful and patient player to make most of what it has.  Vampires can get surges, heal themselves via regeneration, can have great defenses, and have some nice controller type dailies.  THey also have some useful utilities that can help you escape and hide. 
A good DM will alter the game to fit the PC.  TO that end, combat ability is fairly irrelevant.  If you can't handle a level 5 monster the DM will use level 4 or 3 or 2....

However, it is harder for a DM to adjust for a lack of certain types of skills and abilities.  To that end, I'd be focused on building a PC that has a variety of social and adventuring skills.   
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