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i replaced dark confidant with phyrexian arena and i am replacing umezawa's jitte with demon's horn/vault skirge. I am thinking i have too many lands, especially if i run with the dark ritual. And i dont know if i have enough life gain to support the tutelage, thoughtseize, and bitterblossom. is this good?


4 Abyssal Persecutor
4 Gatekeeper of malakir
4 phyrexian arena
4 vampire nighthawk

4 Duress
4 Innocent blood
3 grasp of darkness
3 Cabal therapy
3 hymn to tourach

3 Demon's Horn
Vault Skirge

18 swamps
 3 Strip Mine

side board:
3 deathmark
4 dark ritual
1 strip mine

cards to buy:
3 bitterblossom
4 bob
3 umezawa's jitte

Your deck seems really strange, it looks like your going for card advantage, and just threw in some lifegain to offset things.
Dark Confidant does the same thing except 1 mana cheaper
You could potentially be losing 4-5 life per upkeep, you might want some stronger lifegain.
You've got vintage cards here but no non-basic lands?
Being that you don't have many creatures or removal spells, I'm not sure Gatekeeper fits here.
If you need a sword to finish off your enemy how about Nightmare Lash

If it ain't Baroque, don't fix it.
I'd run Phyrexian Arena over tuetelage. As you're not able to smash face with it, you want to be losing as little life as possible to offset.

Deathmark seems a bit narrow. I play this deck, and I run [/c]Go for the Throat[/c]. Can also hit Percy if necessary.

Demon's Horn is 1000% absolutely horrible. Skirge isn't too hot in here either, in my opinion.

Equipment can really turn the tide. Obviously Jitte/Swords of X and Y are the best, but I could see Loxodon Warhammer or Grafted Wargear easily enough in a budget-conscious list. Hell, even Bonesplitter means Nighthawk makes an 8-point difference (-4 to them, and +4 to you).

Perhaps some Man Lands to up the critter count? 12+Bitterblossom seems a bit dicey.
i already know dark confident is better but i dont have the 40$ for the card so i used tutelage instead. i threw in lifegain to offset the life loss. this list is taken from a Gate deck primer and modified to what i have. The discard counts as removal, the sac counts as removal aswell.

i have been trying to see which one is more beneficial. Arena  the pros are: i will only ever lose 1 life and could have 2 on the field and not worry too much while not having to reveal the card.
Tutelage pro: i have the chances to lose no life from drawing a land and is closer to confident.

bonesplitter..good sugestion. i have some so i will try em
i will try some more..thnx for the suggestion
i am running deathmark mainly because i need to get rid of my friends angels and wurms. He thinks hes a bamf when he tosses a duskdale wurm and an angel of jubilation and thinks the game is set. then i kill them for 1 mana XP.

i would do jitte if i had the money for it...
later i will be buying confidents and jittes
as a budget of thoughtseize im thinking of adding distress
i added 4 strip mines. is tht too many? should i sideboard 1 out and only have 3?
-4 deathmark(put in sideboard)
+4 grasp of darkness 
With all the lifeloss from Confidant/Bitterblossom/etc. i'm not too keen on Thoughtseize.

Here's the discard package I run:

Inquisition of Kozilek could be good also.
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