Loner theme build-around challenge

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So I think the "loner" theme in AVC (rewards you for having only one creature out) looked kind of fun and maybe somehow powerful, and I'm kind of bored and procrastinating, so I planned out a deck based on it. What do people think of this?

Some cards I thought of that didn't make the cut: Necropouncer, Unhallowed Pact, Mimic Vat, Necrobite, Predator's Gambit.

Obviously, it's just thrown together and not balanced at all, but it looks like it would be fun. Get a big flier out, make it even bigger, keep it coming back from the grave again and again and again, and make your opponent discard everything that could kill it. Save your Altar's Reap for if you have more than one creature out, or if your opponent locks your creature down without killing it (Defang, say). A deck like this probably won't win too many tournaments, but does anyone think it might be a dark horse at FNM?
Diabolic Tutor seems to be pretty good in this kind of deck. If you don't have a Demon, you're screwed.


I'm thinking UB loners to get Fettergeist. Four taskmasters, four fettergeist and the rest non-creatures. I like the killing wave. I'm thinking ponder, mana leak, the new draw three (can't remember it's name), doom blade, tragic slip.