Best Dog Fight ....Ever!

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Just wanted to share this and get your experiences.

Friday night I was hangin out enjoying some suds at my club. During a lull I challenged a bro to quick game of Angels 20 that just happened to still be in my truck from a demo I did the night before.

Mind you just a quick game of 1 vs 1. He picked the Bf 109 ace so I grabbed the P51 ace for a 1 point spread in his favor.

My son likes to use the word "Epic". I can't think of a better one to describe the fight. Both of us used our planes to their best abilities. The 109 rarely gave up initiative so my SAs were almost useless but I could run and gain alt to limit his attacks. Eventualy we were both crippled and having trouble executing difficult manuevers. Though I lost initiative I gained an advantage position at alt 3 while he was at alt 1. He would need to execute a tight turn and climb just to get a nose up range 2 shot. Long story short, He did so I hit the silk. We lost count of the rounds but they were fast and furious. When we returned the bar the bros said they had been watching us for 2hrs. Wow time flys.

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Fantastic! Angels 20 is a more immersive game in my opinion. You effectively become the pilot.
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