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If the mast of a ship is taken out and a charecter will fall can the charecter make a saving throw to not take the damage. Is there any rules that govern this or is this a DM decision. I have two opinions one is he gets a saving throw  the other is that he dosn't get the throw but something else. is there any thing or rule govening this.

If the character is trained in Acrobatics, they can make an acrobatics check to try and avoid fall damage. They resist damage from the fall equal to 1/2 their check result. Otherwise, they take 1d10 damage per 10 feet.
Also, in the rare case that the character has a fly speed (i.e. Pixie), he doesn't fall at all, but must get below his altitude limit before the end of his next turn to avoid crashing.

You only get the saving throw type roll in cases where you being pushed over an edge and can catch yourself by going prone. The scenario of being in a ship mast or tree that is being knocked over it could potentially apply (maybe with a penalty) if there is something for the character to catch themself on, such as a rope or vine within reach that's attached to another mast/tree.

wouldn't this fall under the forced movement rules cause a power or attack is causing the fall. it has become a debate in my group as to the correct way to do this as the ship combat is kinda the thing we are on. oh and can a ships own balista attack another part of the ship it seems like a ship design flaw to allow it but i just dont know the rules on seige weapons.
1.  No, the power is not causing the fall.  The collapse of the mast is causing the fall.  

2.  The ships ballista can attack if the DM wants it to or not.  There is no set rule for that. 
Are there any rules for seige weapons

 There aren't any separate rules for siege weapons beyond whatever's given in the description of the weapons themselves...


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So , if a rogue was hagging at the edge of a limb over a precipice and a power did enough damage to break the limb at the base of the tree causing the fall. No save even if the fall would kill him/her ? 

I think he or she would get a save . based on the rules for falling.

Catching Yourself: If a power or a bull rush (page
287) forces you over a precipice or into a pit, you can
immediately make a saving throw to avoid going over
the edge. This saving throw works just like a normal
saving throw, except you make it as soon as you
reach the edge, not at the end of your turn.


You could precive the save how ever you want , the Limb breaks and holds for a split second then the rogue swings to safe ground. You then give the Acrobatics check for the swing to reduse damage from the limb to safe ground.
Just for the record, Catching Oneself (RC 212) is a Forced Movement Rule. Teleport also has similar save mechanic to avoid precipious Falls. But unless noted otherwise, ending a Grab doesn't grant a save and doesn't fall in any of those categories RAW so it would be up to the DM to decide if a save is granted or not.
Are you saying falling in this case is a forced movement? If so then a save would be granted.
No Falling is not a Forced Movement, not even forced Teleportation is.

Forced Movement is only Push, Pull and Slide. (RC 311)
Another possibility for the DM would be to let the PC make an Athletic check to Catch Hold (RC 137), even though he is not climbing but he'd have to assign an arbitrary DC on the Climb DC table.

RC 137 Catch Hold: A creature that falls while climbing can make an Athletic check to catch hold of something to stop the fall immediatly. 
Could you post a link to the errta's page that reads about this sort of thing please?
There is no errata, its the Rules As Written, under Forced Movement (PHB 286/RC 311) and Athletics (PHB 182/RC 137).
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