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Sounds good, when in doubt, take the Rare (Unless Soulbond is really as insane as it sounds, and Hanweir Lancer is the correct pick) Does anyone have info on this?
The reason I mentioned it, is because I think Soulbond might be to this set what Allies were before. It just seems too good for a 2R to give two creatures first strike. Unless I am thinking about Soulbond wrong. Actually the mechanic itself seems much too good if it works the way I think it does. They have a 3GG 4/4 creature whose bond is +4/+4 on itself and another target creature. How in the world did that not get mythic rarity? It's got the best bits of Increasing Savagry and Travel Preparations rolled in with a 4/4 creature.
Yes, but doesn't it break limited worse than pretty much everything that's come before? It's almost like an 8/8 that grants a +4/+4 equipment for no cost. For a common the +1 toughness Viashino Spearhunter that gives out first-strike to another creature seems pretty bonkers. That paired with any other creature should be able to hold the ground by itself, even the Raging Poltergeist becomes playable in that setp. Or, perhaps it should be paired with the 8/8 that gives out +4/+4, why not spend 8 mana to get an 8/8 and 6/6 first-striker? Unless of course the 8/8 is meant to be paired with the now 10/8 trample wurm.

I would lean towards the 4 mana for 4 damage spell, but I would still like to see what other people have to say about Hanweir Lancer and Soulbond in general.
I don't know, maybe I'm underestimating the dragon, but it seems like many turns I'd rather advance my board position than ding you in the face for four. I haven't played the card at all, though, so maybe it's actually better than it looks. but I'm gonna say latch seeker, that thing seems brutal.


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archwing dragon seems stupidly good in a set with very little instant-speed removal. :D
Archwing Dragon. Having done a midnight madness game, I'm happy with red's strength in the set. If we cut it hard early, we might manage to grab some miracle-burn (because it isn't easily splashed). Lancer is good in the early game, but needs some fat to go with it eventually.
Red looks like the strongest color in the set, and is very aggressively focused. From this pack, I would not be surprised if we managed to wheel the Lancer, since there are lots of good cards for other decks. If not, one of the black cards will probably wheel and the Driver seems good with red as well, so let's take the Archwing Dragon.
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I'll update this and the fun message draft tomorrow morning.  I'm just really tired right now.
After doing a 5 round sealed last night I think Bobus was onto something. Green/x soulbond seems like the strongest easy to draft beatdown archetype that I think we will see winning a lot in the same way green/white was the driving force of 3xISD.

Green has some of the best early soulbonders with the guy that gives +1/+1 for 3 and the guy that gives plus +2/+2 (uncommon I think) for four and then the rare at five is nuts. You also have the 5/5 four drop that needs to be paired to attack or block which can be nasty as long as you get enough of the soulbond cards.

I think the best colors to pair it with are red or blue (and of course with cards like abundant growth - love it) three colors is always feasible. Red gives you the first strike which is decent and the haste guy for 2 which is really really good but blue has hexproof at common for four which is also strong, and flying.

Having said all that, I can see picking the dragon here, although the return to hand thing is definitely a draw back. I really don't think latchseeker would be wrong either. This set seems really low on removal in general and has lots of brutal equipments you can slap on that baby.

Yea I'll go with teh dragon.
Archwing Dragon for sure
Yep Archwing Dragon.
Dragon seems good to  me.
I'm partial to either Borderland Ranger or Thunderbolt, though Pillar of Flame and Wingcrafter aren't too bad either.

From what I've seen of the set, the removal is pretty lackluster, so large creatures are pretty annoyingly hard to deal with.
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Tough call, this doesn't seem like a very strong pack. If W/R is a good combo I suppose the Seraph of dawn is decent here, otherwise the conservative Pillar or Thunderbolt picks are probably good. Or even Tormentor's Trident, which might be good in a slow format.
Thunderbolt, but Pillar of Flame would be good too.


120.6. Some effects replace card draws.


why are you here when NGA exists and is just better

Gonna vote for the Seraph. The 4 toughness can block pretty much any non rare card, and free health to boot.
Pillar of Flame. It's cheap and kills off the majority of the creatures in the set, unlike Thunderbolt (which isn't bad, but is basically anti-angel tech).
I hate conservative picks, so I guess I'll go with Seraph, it seems hard to ignore a 4 CMC creature that can block most everything in the air, and generate a 4 point life swing if your opponent cannot block it. I haven't read the full cardlist, so I'll just hope W/R is a viable combo.
The Seraph is good but there are three good red card in the pack. I'm prone to picking the creature but I think the Pillar is just so much better that we need to take it here. Bolt or Cathar wheeling would be great.
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we have like four good picks here: pillar of flame, seraph of dawn, thunderbolt and borderland ranger. taking removal early seems good to me since it is so few and far between, so i think i'll go with pillar of flame, but i'm not really unhappy with any of those four cards here.
I say Thunderbolt.  I found it really annoying that Pillar of Flame is a sorcery.  Still pretty good, though, but I'd rather have the Thunderbolt here.
Trident is surprisingly good, but it is not worth picking over some of the little removal you're going to get in this format

Avacyn Restored is also slow.  It's not Ice Age Sealed or anything like that, but the day is not ruled by creatures with two toughness or less.  Some of them can be very relevant, but flyers of significant toughness (Like the Seraph we're passing) are far more relevant on average.

Thunderbolt all the way.  I won't be sad if we take the pillar, but I do think the bolt is more useful.

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Pillar of Flame.
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Pillar for me.  Thunderbolt is just a bit too situational for my liking whereas the Pillar kills a surprising number of creatures even in a slightly slower format.
^ what falcon_uk said.  pillar for sure. 
Between the Pillar and the Thunderbolt, I'd have to think the Thunderbolt would win out. Pillar isn't an instant, which means it can't be used as a combat trick in conjunction with first-strike, killing a soulbonded creature or to deal the final points of damage to a large creature on defense. In a slower format it is more likely that a single flyer will take over the game, and less likely you will want to kill an x/2 or x/1 as they tend not to attack as often.

Then there's the case for taking the type of creatures that Thunderbolt removes. Large flyers that can create 4 point lifeswings each turn.  
It looks like the ADPs for AVR are out already. Here are the values for the cards in question:

Thunderbolt - 3.72
Pillar - 3.74
Seraph - 3.76 

That's pretty much a wash, probably not a statistically significant difference between the lowest and highest of those. Oh well.
Thunderbolt. Helps keep the skies clear for our Dragon.

Don't mind Pillar either.
I would pick Pillar!!!!!!!

Pillar - Cheap great control. This set is full of weenie powerful creatures (champion of the parish - ya know.. turn 4 he is a 6/6 if not bigger)

So given whats in the pack, Pillar.

If this was not pack 1 and i had been picking red, i would have probably picked dragon.        
Champion of the Parish is not in Avacyn Restored.
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Pillar.  I had the Thunderbolt several times in the pre-release events and found that it wasn't removal nearly as often as I wanted it to be.  Nothing sucks worse than getting destroyed by a 4/2 unblockable while holding removal that only hits fliers.

Also, as far as I've seen playing with AVR, the best archetype by far is G/R Soulbond/Aggro.  The things you can do with that deck are just silly.  Every single card is a threat at any point in the game.  That puny 1/1 one-drop you played on turn 1?  It's now swinging as a 5/5 fatty with firebreathing on turn 5.
It's hard to know pick order at the moment but for me this comes down to:

Seraph - a more controlling card
Kruin - a more aggro card
Flowering Lumberknot - a good finisher with the amount of soulbond in the set

I see no reason to move away from the red aggro start so let's take Kruin Striker.
Striker seems fine.  I could also get behind the Vessel since it's acceleration in a set that has a lot of overcosted fatties.

I'm not quite sure how I feel about the Lumberknot.  It seems way too conditional.  I think if we go down that path, we can easily pick one up very late in the draft.
You missed the Seraph in the pervious pack... why are you people so down on that card? Am I missing something? Is a 2/4 flying life-linker for 4 suddenly not a useful creature in general? Because in previous sets I was resonably happy with Azure Drake and Chapel Geist, both cards that are weaker than the Angel.
Striker is fine. Seraph is good too, but as others have said, no reason to move away from red agro until we have to.
Bobus: We're not down on the card. We're just trying to play our first-pick. Seraph is really good, but Red Aggro is the name of the game so far.

Kruin Striker here.
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