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     For those of you who use spotify I have created a playlist of Persian themed music (Azam Ali, Niyaz, Vas, Stellamara, etc.) as well as sitar (Anoushka Shankar, etc.) and bansuri music (Hariprasad Chaurasia, etc.) that explores more Indian themes. This is to provide some simple ambience to your campaign, or maybe for inspiration. The style suits my vision of Athas as an arid, mysterious, and desolate world.

Here's a few samples:

Stellamara - Nida
Anoushka Shankar plays 'Pancham Se Gara'
Vas - Lila
Hariprasad Chaurasia & Co.

Just search for 'dark sun' on spotify.
One of the villains in my campaign is a (heavily revamped) version of "The Red Chord", the slaver group introduced (poorly) in Marauders of the Dune Sea. I've made their symbol a crimson saz, and the players have come to shudder at the sound of a saz. So perhaps I should not use your Persian music.
Would any of you know of a good "persian, arabian, mesopotamian, etc." song (without vocal or lyrics) that could be used for a battle?

The Siltskimmer Page -
Secret Chiefs 3, "The 4 (Great Ishraqi Sun)" uses a saz and is pretty driving. A lot of Secret Chiefs songs would be good.

Not bad, but they are live. I don't like when I have some background noise. Although, there is a little bit too much electronic for me. But the kind would be interesting.

Driving. Yes, must be!

Thanks for the suggestion though! 
The Siltskimmer Page -
Well, yeah, I meant you should get the album version. It's longer and a more consistent track.
I also think you should get some Muslimgauze. Everything is essentially wordless (any lyrics are snippets simply used as samples), the songs are very long and quite repetitive (great for background in combat), and there are like 40 albums so you're sure to find a bunch of things to use.
Start with anything from the Hand of Fatima album:

Again, get the album tracks if you like them rather than relying on a **** youtube.

I also think the stuff from Silknoose would be good, though some is too electronic for what you're talking about. For an example of a good one, try Sheesh Mahal:
I'm going to check out these, they seems a rather interesting group for Darksun!

The Siltskimmer Page -
These are some great songs, thank you all for sharing!

My own humble suggestion would be the soundtrack from Homeworld 2. Despite being a game about spaceships, the soundtrack definitely fits the Dark Sun themes. Here's my personal favorite, from when the player discovers a Progenitor Keeper:

I use many styles of music in my campaign, generally with one sonf for one chapter. You can go here to listen my playlist :

Deezer Dark Sun

I recommend to listen in particular : Karl Sander, Azam Ali, Sheila Sandra, Lisa Gerrard, Vas & Rhea's Obsession...

Enjoy ! 

My campaigns :

Dark Sun : La Décade des Héros (4E)

Al-Qadim / Golden Voyages (Next) Planescape (Next)

And excuse my baaadly and ruuusty english...

Can't use Deezer in the US

I don't use background music in my campaigns anymore...combats take too long :P
So bad for deezer...

For combat, I recommend seriously to anybody to listen Karl Sander !

@Grummore :
It's very hard for me to find songs, without vocal and that could be use for combat. Maybe could find some songs in yhis OST :
-Prince of Persia
-Assassin's creed 2
-The Passion of the Christ

@Waxwingslain :
Generally I use one specific song for every roleplaying scene and every combat, but you could make an extensive playlist only for combat for exemple...

@MurfreesboroNerd :
Thanks for Stellamara !

Here the artist I use for backgroun music for my campaign :

Azam Ali
Sheila Shandra
Lisa Gerrard
Dead can Dance
Lisa Hammer
Secret chief 3
Unto Ashes

My campaigns :

Dark Sun : La Décade des Héros (4E)

Al-Qadim / Golden Voyages (Next) Planescape (Next)

And excuse my baaadly and ruuusty english...

 I agree with your list. I like that we have a consensus on the musical vibe of the Dark Sun setting.

I think the musical vibe you have for Dark Sun is dramatically different from my own. I don't think of rock guitars, distortions, & electronic beats when I think of a medieval desert civilization. I think of the music which reflected cultures like that on our own planet; namely medieval Middle-Eastern and West Indian musical styles.

Now i just wish i had a group of people to play with =[
Sorry to hear. (I don't think there are rock guitars in the stuff I posted unless I misremember, though--there is an electrified saz and a bass, I suppose, which are appropriate instruments). One reason I like to use a band like Secret Chiefs is because while Athasian cultures (and music) may bear some resemblence to our own planet's ancient cultures, they are analogues at best and not direct "Middle Eastern" or "Indian" cultures transplanted into the setting. So the music should be a little alien and different from those cultures; the Secret Chiefs' take on Persian and Indian music is quite different from traditional Persian and Indian music yet retains a flavor that makes it appropriate, I think.
Melechesh is rather on the heavy metal side of things but their instrumental songs fit the theme nicely.
Here are some samples:

-Realize You are your own source of all Creation, of your own master plan.

Dead Can Dance - Cantara

Shive in Exile - He'neya
Famous Athasian last words: "Hey, you're wrong. I know elves, I've played AD&D for eight years. They're noble, sylvan creatures who will honor their word." In the desert, everything's further than it looks.
@Modern_Iconoclast : I'm fond of Melechesh, in particular for the arena & mass combats !

For the region of the Sea of Silt, I recommend you to listen the french artist Denez Prigent (from the province of Brittany), he sings in his language : Breton (related to celtic). 

A song for exemple, is perfect for the imensity and sadness of the sea of dust : the fantastically deep and melancholic "Gortoz a ran" ("I wait"), with Lisa Gerard.

My campaigns :

Dark Sun : La Décade des Héros (4E)

Al-Qadim / Golden Voyages (Next) Planescape (Next)

And excuse my baaadly and ruuusty english...

While I've only played in Dark Sun (2nd edition and 4th edition), I have some music sources from my library that I'd like to share.

  • Eternal Darkness Sanity's Requiem (If you can edit out dialogue snippets) - "Ashes to Ashes", "Ram Dao", "Gift of Forever", "The Chosen", and "A Journey into Darkness" especially.  And of course, the sanity effect music for encounters with psychic horrors gone horribly wrong.

  • Conan the Barbarian, need I say more?

  • HBO's Rome series - Some tracks fit the mood well.

  • The Mummy remakes - While I'm not a fan of the remakes, Jerry Goldsmith made a great score that's perfect, IMO.

  • Intronaut's prog work, some of which is a great fit, others a bit too modern sounding.

  • Black Hawk Down soundtrack - YMMV, but I think it would work.

  • E.S. Posthumus - Unearthed album

  • Amnesia the Dark Descent - Chilling ambience, perfect for the more tense and eerie moments on Athas

  • Silent Hill series - Same as Amnesia

  • If you're feeling daring, why not most of the Heavy Metal movie soundtrack?  (Veterans of the Psychic Wars!)

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