Good Character Serving Evil God and Vice Versa?

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Okay, so this is a general question. I play a NG draconic-drow mage, who under "normal" circumstances worships Bahamut/Xymor, the Platinum Dragon.

Currently my friend and I are engaged in a roleplay where my mage is turned into a vampire, and though he has been shown there is a solution to get back to his original self, he declined to take it; his drow side/ natural personality wants to hold on to the new abilities and "immortality" that being a vampire gives him. However, fully aware that he can still be killed and the fact he wants to do good despite being a vampire, he is somewhat at a dilemma. He wants to keep considering himself a follower of Bahamut and doing good deeds, even though he must kill people to live.

So he tries to kill "evil people" but even being a vampire, his alignment is questionable.

That being asked, do you think a deity such as Bahamut would still accept him as a follower? I know I can make this decision myself but I don't wish to do that; I rather get opinions of experienced D&D players. Bahamut is supposed to be very compassionate but brooks no excuse for evil acts, favoring the down trodden and those in unfortunate circumstances--which would work for my mage if he didn't, by choice, stay a vampire.

Then, for a second question. Due to his power and a certain position of his in the story/game, Vhaeraun (CE drow god) is eyeing him as a potential recruit, especially since my mage's twin is a devout priest of his. My mage is half considering it, due to the god of vampires *also* determined to hold on to him--but would it be possible for a NG character to follow an evil god? I know cleric alignments for Vhaeraun can be CN, CE or NE (if I recall correctly) but I am unsure for non-cleric characters.

Thanks for assistance!

Usstan kla'ath l' orn d'lil Orbdrinus Senger! Vhaeraun zhah naut elghinyrr; uk zhah er'griff velkresa wun l' veldrin...

You're in the wrong section of the forums; this is for 4e.  You want to scroll down to the Previous Editions section of the forums and ask your question there.
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