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i cant type in any of the feilds in character builder.  I can access anything via mouse, but when i try to type...nothing. also if i try to paste anything into a feild a silverlight prefrences button pops up. Has this happened to anyone else.  I do access this account from diffrent computers and i read that could cause "issues". Any help would be appreciated.

Well at least we all pay for this siteYell
I encounter this same problem when using Chrome.  I now use Opera or Safari(Firerox) for the character builder.
It totally worked Cale thanks so much, 50xp!
I submitted this bug through the "Report a bug" form today, hopefully it will reach a developer.  In the meantime the workaround of using Firefox or Safari is working for me...

I can also confirm this behavior in Chrome.  I use Opera or Firefox instead.  Honestly, I prefer Opera for most things now.  The only time I need another browser is for Google Docs.  Opera hates Google Docs for some reason.

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