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Modern Affinity

4x Ornithopter (staple)
4x Memnite (staple)
4x Frogmite (keeping the "affinity" alive in affinity decks)
4x Signal Pest (works amazing in this heavy creature list)
4x Vault Skirge (the life-link is worth it)
4x Arcbound Ravager (the all-star)
4x Arcbound Overseer (badass)
4x Master of Etherium (badass)
4x Disciple of the Vault (badass)
4x Mox Opal (love this card)
4x Springleaf Drum (some lists run 3, but again, my lists has so many creatures)
3x Glimmervoid (i only own 3 of them QQ)
2x Blinkmoth Nexus (i only own 2 of them QQ - i would probably use 3 or 4)
4x Darksteel Citadel (staple)
1x Swamp (meta game basics for path - works real nice for mana fixing)
1x Mountain
1x Island

4x Welding Jar
3x Spell Skite
4x Shrapnal Blast
4x Galvanic Blast

also, when your running cranial plating and you dont have black mana to "attach" it at instant speeds, then something is also wrong. That "attach" ability alone does the job of what etched champion trys to do (be evasive).

when somebody tries to tell you.. "omg cranial on etched champion is so awesome", they're wrong, its just cranial plating thats awesome. 
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