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"Did you know that Purple Dragons like time-pieces?", is something Zaniel would say. He is a Shardmind Bard who was created with the hope of being a sturdy, know-it-all healer and loremaster. He is a Scholor in theme and as an occupation. Though he is only a level 4, he is quite capable of serving as one hell of a doctor and intellectual, taking 3 multiclass feats as his first 3 to expand his healing ability. But as he levels, it seems his healing ability will not scale as well as it has so far (or so I think).

What I need are some good feats, perhaps items, that will improve my ability to heal or raise my skill scores, ritual skills especially, while remaining sturdy and able to take a hit or two. Being a loremaster is the most important role (especially for my current campaign), then healing, then high survivability. I'm having a bit of trouble maintaining the balance of these aspects at higher levels. Broken combos welcome.

In addition to that, there is one other concern about this build. The multiclass feats I took grant me healing word, inspiring word, and ardent surge and say I can use them as dailies. I'm not 100% sure on this as the Character Builder lists each as being able to be used twice a day (until I increase my level). Does that mean I can use them the number of times the power states, but only recharge during an extended rest, or is it once per day, period?

Zaniel, the Know-It-All

Level: 4
HP: 37
Surges: 7 (9 HP)
Str - 13
Con - 10
Dex - 9
Int - 16
Wis - 14
Cha - 19

Feats: Ritual Caster,  Fervent Talent, Initiate of the Faith, Student of Battle
Feats I plan to take: Bardic Knowledge, various multiclass feats that grant trained skills (only non-physical except maybe stealth, endurance, or thievery), supreme majesty, multiclass mastery, Heat adaptation (because my current campaign is fire/devil based), Healing Spirit.

Trained Skill Scores (so far):
Arcana +14
Bluff +11
Diplomacy +11
Heal +9
Insight +11
Perception +9
Religion +10
Streetwise +11
You might want to look into Bard of All Trades, giving you a bonus +3 on non-trained skills.  With the normal bard +1, you end up being pretty damned good at everything.  I had a build like this once called Oren the Polymath, who was a hybrid Bard/Wizard and attempted to mimic the Red Mage archetype.  Kind of hard to pull off, but probably would have been tons of fun had it seen play.
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