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Dungeon Survival Handbook Excerpt
By Bart Carroll

In today's preview of the Dungeon Survival Handbook: Into the Unknown, we look at new powers that can help you survive the perils of the dungeon—with a special look at those powers gained in the shadow of the Ziggurat!

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I love this approach to grouping powers. It makes it easier for people to build a character that relates to the subject material. It also inspires new flavorful character designs much more so than either a separate list of powers or story text alone. As a DM who likes to run story rich, thematic campaigns, I strongly applaud this new approach. This preview has me really excited for my summer Undermountain campaign.
I like that there is going to be class powers in the book.
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A good Warlock save ends domination daily before level 19? Sign me up!
I'm glad you guys enjoyed the preview. There's a ton of fun new content in this book that should appeal to a wide variety of players and dungeon masters.
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I'll say this preview alone might net me the book!  Our group doens't do much dungeon delving or Underdark story stuff, but our current campaign (4 years running now) is heavily infused with Far Realm invasions, and I have two recurring characters who are a star pact warlock and a psion.  This stuff fits perfectly!  I agree that the thematically grouped powers are a fantastic method of presentation, thanks Matt.
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