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Or four, as the case may be.

Let's pretend for a moment that we are the Dreaming Dark. We watched for a hundred years as the nations of Khorvaire fought amongst themselves, causing constant strife, famine, disease, you name it. The Last War kept the Five Nations on the brink of collapse. We had a plan. We were holding ambassadorial meetings with the nations, providing aid where needed, planting ourselves in the proper positions to come to their rescue when they needed it the most. Things were looking up. And then... the Day of Mourning happened. Even we didn't expect this. There were no signs. No warnings. Just one day, Cyre went up in a magical storm the likes of which hadn't been seen before. So the remaining nations began to wind the war down, cautious of each other and expecting another Mourning to happen at any time. But it never came. And now the nations maintain a facade of peace, while a century-long conflict boils just beneath the surface. We need that conflict. We want the war to start up again. But what do we do? How do we make this happen?

My current campaign has the Dreaming Dark preparing to restart the war. I've got a few different ideas of how they're going to do it, but I was wondering if anyone else had done similar things or had ideas of how to accomplish this. Here's the ones I had so far:

Plot One

Reveal that Kaius is, in fact, a vampire and that he's imprisoned the real Kaius III in Dreadhold. This causes internal disruption of Karrnath, while allowing the DD to exploit the Silver Flame, perhaps to manipulate Thrane into outright attacking Karrnath for being led by an undead ruler and hosting undead legions. Aundair, seeing the opportunity to strike a crippling blow against Karrnath joins in the fray near the end once the sides have expended some of their energy.

This has three of the nations involved, but doesn't start an all-out war.

Plot Two

Consolidate House Cannith under the leadership of Merrix, knowing he is the real entrepreneur out of the three choices. Begin trading with Cannith in secret, supplying the House with blueprints for Quorforged. Ensure them that the Quorforged have no souls, unlike the current Warforged, making them suitable for production should a war break out. Execute Plot One (or spark a small conflict in another manner) so that the Quorforged can be tried out (for free) to one of the nations. When the nations realize the Quorforge are soulless, they will have less worries about using them. Make sure the cost of production is cheaper than normal Warforged. Once the nations are all using Quorforged, take control of them (assuming they were built to actually be controlled by Quori spirits / the DD found a way to make docents like the Quori of the previous age). You now have an army of Quorforged positioned within each of the countries and ready to do your bidding.

When the nations realize their troops are being controlled by someone else, they will blame Cannith because they don't know of Sarlona's involvement with the blueprints. Make it seem as though Cannith had plans to use the Quorforged against the nations in defiance of the Korth Edicts and with the direct intention to seize control for Merrix. If Cannith blames Sarlona, have made sure that dealings were held with Merrix alone, so that no one but him knows that Sarlona was behind it. Now the nations are crippled and the people are blaming a Dragonmarked House, If the rest of the Houses band together in defense of Cannith, you simply have created a greater rift, causing more tension. Scatter propoganda around insinuating that the Houses control such a large portion of your everyday life (from the banks to transportation to your food) that you can't trust them. They could run your lives if you let them. Have the people begin to boycott the Houses, depriving them of their economic power.

Now the nations are in turmoil and the only economic and scientific powerhouses capable of working against Sarlona aren't trusted. Have the Quorforged rampage, having it look as though Merrix simply let them off their leashes. Offer the nations asistance. Say that the Quorforged appear psionic in nature and you think you can stop them... by building a few of these monoliths in key locations around Khorvaire. That should shut them down. When they let the monoliths be built, it does indeed shut down the Quorforged. Now you've saved a continent that's in ruins. Time to play another long con. Because the people need to think they can't trust their own leaders... how to take them out of power and have the people willingly turn to Sarlona?
Call me Ender.
I've hatched several "restart the war" plots. One may have involved the Dreaming Dark.

I'm going to post again on this thread on Saturday. When I have a lot of time to....plot. 

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57019168 wrote:
I am a hero, not a chump.
 Let the plotting commence !!!

Meanwhile in the Mournland............

Suddenly some very skilled warforged artificers will join the Lord of Blades and Godforged causes. creating a powerful and new kind of docent, for the Blades this will be seen as a dviine gift from the Lord of Blades to help the vanquish the fleshlings. For the Godforged these docents will be a new way to agaument thier bodies and of course who would be more worthy of this docent than the body of the Becoming God himself ? The dicorporate construct god may even inhabit the body for the first time and with new commandments to live by.....   

This allows us to use the God and Bladeforged a number of ways and it allows us to make sure no unexpected "suprises" spring from the Mournland.- going on during plot 2        
For other ideas i suggest neautralizing various other wild cards: Droaam,Darguun, Demon Wastes, Lords of Dust, Aurum, Chamber, Argonessen in general etc.
A'ight. Time to start plotting.

The first thing is to decide how many other key players are in the game. As Charlesmegne (a misspelling?) advises, you need to control the other "wild cards." Unless, of course, one of them is useful to your metaplot. More on this later.

Second, and running somewhat cotemperous with the first thing, is the goal. Why do the Dreaming Dark want to try to restart the Last War? Some of the other wild cards have a reason; the Aurum wants to make money, the Lords of Dust either for teh lulz or a plot, and so on.

Now, if we go on the stated past M.O. (Modus Operandi) of the Dreaming Dark, and look to Riedra before it was Soviet Riedra, there were a bunch of warring states that weakened each other until the forces of the Inspired came in and 'saved the day' and defeated the warring governments, and then turned around and made things better for the people. Apply the same principal to Khorvaire.

The Last War ignites again, and life is back to sucking. Eventually, one of the countries will ask for aid from Riedra. At first, this could be material; eventually, this could come to actual military aid. Remember, Q'Barra already has a Harmonium presence. However, eventually, the Dreaming Dark will infiltrate and co-opt friendly governments, a little bit at a time, until Khorvaire becomes "Riedran East Province."

Remember the tools of the Dreaming Dark: Manipulation, long-term planning, the nigh-infinate resources of a (totalitarian) nation-state (though tempered by great distance), immense psionic power. Dreaming Dark moles could be anyone, and anywhere.

In one of my prior plots, I had a player who modeled his fighter heavily after Daine, from Keith Baker's The Dreaming Dark trilogy. That is to say, broke with his house and the like. He flashed his Dragonmark in Sharn to cash a letter of credit, and the Sharn Deneith reached out to him. I mention this because...the Sharn Deneith are all moles of the Dreaming Dark.

Anyways. One of the other simmering tensions you can take advantage of is the fact that Borenal's wife was assassinated. Frame Droaam for it, and Breland is going west. Destabalize Darguun, replace the moderate Haruuc with a firebrand, and the goblinoids will take advantage of Breland to raid Breland and Zilargo. 

Hmm. There are some threads I've participated in here in the past...yes. First would be Jaster's Thirty Xanatos Pileup Campaign, which has a good amount of ideas in it. Jaster's one of the Last War Grognards, who thinks far too extensively about Eberron. The second thread that springs to mind is my The Geopolitical Stability of Khorvaire after the Last War: Status? which has some musings on...well, plots. If you rummage around the older threads, you can probably find a bunch of wonderful ideas. His Infernal Bovinity (Hellcow, Keith Baker) posts here every now and then, and he's always helpful.

I'll be checking back. 

Gold is for the mistress, silver for the maid

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"Good!" said the Baron, sitting in his hall,

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57019168 wrote:
I am a hero, not a chump.
Sadly Charlmegne is mispelled

Also consider several Adars(safe havens) in Khorvaire  

Demon Wastes-THe DD probably treat this like a dangerous manifest zone considering the Lords Of Dust probably wouldn't take kindly to a new kid on he block

Lhazaar Principalities- Residence of    Mrs. Vol and generally unruly, but at the same time the Fortress of Fading Dreams is here.

Shadow Marches-Property of Kryzin(sort of), Cults of the Dragon Below,Gatekeepers(who  are probably very suspicous of the inspired in the first place.), no centerilized government to take over, and its a swamp

Eldeen Reaches-     Dyrrn the Corupptor lives under here, and the Druids

Zilargo- Possibly considering they have thier own lethal KGB(good chance they already know about the DD) and elemental binders. 

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