Blade of the Shadows - Gestalt Character Build

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My Dungeon Master decided we are going to have a campaign based around the Planes of Shadow, so I decided I wanted to be a Swordmaster who has sworn to protect it. I figured that the Shadow Sentinel was the most appropiate choice, and that Kensai was a good addition to it.

My Goals:
1. Hit Often --- Good Crit Chance
2. Avoid Being Hit --- Decent AC / Dex
3. Awesome Sword Features --- Shadowstrike, Morphic Blade, etc.

The build I am working on is in the early stages of creation, but I have time to work on it as I progress. We will be starting at about level 5, so I'll start out with some combos to use.

--- This is where you come in ---

Race: Illumian (Sigils: Hoon, Uur)
Weapon Choice: Two-Bladed Weapon

Part One: Kensai 20
Part Two: Monk? 5 / Shadow Sentinel 10 / ??? 5

Feat Selection Focus:
Normal/Improved/Greater Two-Weapon Fighting
Weapon Focus (Two-Bladed Sword)
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Well, I'd have probably gone in the direction of a swordsage (Tome of Battle) focusing on the shadow hand discipline on one side and aimed for the shadowcraft mage prestige class (Races of Stone) on the other.

When you say kensai, do you mean the variant fighter (Dragon 310, p36)? I spent a while trying to figure out how you were taking the prestige class (Complete Warrior) at 1st level.

Generally, two-weapon fighting is only good if you have a lot of bonus damage.

If you want to focus on critical hits, the usual prestige classes are psychic weapon master or disciple of Dispater (Book of Vile Darkness).