A Request For the WotC's Community's Entertainment.

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I was wondering can you guys help me produce three images from these two images.

What I thinking is to removed all the torches from the corridor and darken only the formost lighting on the walls while leaving the lighting by the door as it is. Then with this lighting adjustments setting placed the vessel to the left of the door with its right arm up to its shoulder joint appearing to be next to the wall like it is leaning from out of the wall.

The second image will be the torch-less corridor with lighting in the foremost area intact and the lighting area toward and at the door darkened as if the doorn was in much dimmer light with no Vessel image there. The concept with this second image is the players are providing the only light in the corridor while heading toward the door.

The third image is going to be challenge for I'm asking for the vessel to be seen under an arch doorway or chamber opening in a setting of your choice from your archives that has a definite look like an underground crypt room of the DnD's stlye.
This is a challenge because I am wondering can you come up with a different pose for the vessel and in order to lessen the scrutiny of this third image can have the Dreadmaster's Vessel in its new pose in low to dim light so the new background and lighting will obscured details of the duplicated right arm from the left arm and other altered points from the re-positioned body stand plus the low-light will give the image it a deserving appeal. (I can't find the original website of where the vessel is found and this partial of the image is all I have of it.)

As you can see there's only two images I've submitted here in hope to get two of the three views for this corridor's scene.

I'm planning to post two of the remade images as a sighting to triggered DC rolls and prepare for a fright fight for the six adventurers against what they getting only a glimspe at while coming down the corridor toward the door leading into the crypt area.

The requested third image would be a closer view the adversary which would happen little later after they pass thru the door into the crypt-maze area.

Yes, this is a request for I to do the classic "what awaits beyond the door..." intro for one of the more terrifyiing monsters in one of my pbp DnD campaign I'm running here at the WotC's The Players' Vault site.

Yes, a big, bad, insubstantial something non-player character (NPC) to end a campaign.

Can anyone out there can make this happened? Thank You. Voy.

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