Dungeons and Dragons Crossover Campaign: Castles & Koopas

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For a considerable time now, I've had the very basic basics of what I consider a killer idea for a campaign.  Essentially, it would involve adventurers travelling to a D&D adapted version of the Marioverse in order to investigate and stop appearances of monsters from that world--goombas, koopas, etc.  Trouble is, I'm terribly inexperienced when it comes to D&D--I have no idea where I would possibly begin to flesh out something like this!  Anyone who is willing to help me out please post here, I really want to make this happen somehow.
 working out the close to the same thing, im in the prosses of creating the creatures but the adventure i have in my head already the adventure i have in mind is a first level adventure and it has a bit of a twist in it but when im done ill gladly post it here and ur free to take a look and even steal it and work a campaign out of it if u like as of now i have made a green koopa minion and a Red Koopa i even found minis for all of them, i still need to make a goomba and bowzer then the toadstool.
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